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We’re proud of the many success stories we’ve created over the past decade. We know that every small improvement isn’t just a better grade, it’s a boost to your child’s confidence and a step towards transforming how they feel about school work. We’re so proud of the work these kids have put in, their tenacity, and their determination to succeed.

Read our students’ stories now.

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High School Tutor in Brisbane helps child become A student

Success Spotlight: Brittany and Ethan

Gold Coast tutor Brittany knows that people underestimate the impact that a boost of confidence can have on a person – especially if that person is a young student who…

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Three Unexpected Changes I Went Through Going from a C Student to an A Student

For most of us, A’s are the name of the game. We all want to achieve the best grades possible! Going from a C student to an A student is…

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Success story - Student Achieves Amazing Improvement in Grades


At A Team, we aim to provide a sense of enrichment to all our students, whether it may be in the form of academic achievements or personal development. To do this, our tutors are dedicated to…

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Elite Student Tutoring

Year 11 Tutoring Helps Student Land Scholarship, And A Grades!

There exists this misapprehension that tutoring should only be sought if a student is failing. Parents, teachers and even students often overlook the obvious signs of a struggling student if they’re passing their courses because, “if they’re passing, they must be fine!” This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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tutoring scholarship

Meet the Winners of A Team Tuition’s $5,000 Tutoring Scholarship Program!

One of the first questions that every child is asked when they walk through the school doors for their very first day of prep is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Answers range between astronauts, zoologists, Olympians, doctors, lawyers, builders and actors/actresses. However, these answers tend to change as students progress through schooling. Students who once dreamed of being doctors are disheartened by their average grades and opt for something else instead that’s a lot easier to obtain. The most heart-wrenching part to this process is seeing this follow through, especially when all that is holding these students back is the attainment of a few ‘A’ grades. At A Team Tuition, we want students’ first answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up” to be what they actually achieve.

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Year 6 Tutoring Helps Student Go From C’s To A’s In Just Five Weeks

You’d be surprised to hear that the learning of facts is not how education works. Rather, the composition of learning is the training of one’s mind to think, but to think about how their mind works. Never a truer word has been spoken by none other than one of the most influential physicists, Albert Einstein. Einstein believed in the principle of differentiated learning and is most famously quoted for drawing an analogy between judging a fish to climb a tree and expecting others to learn the same way.

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Two Brisbane Girls Achieve The Impossible In One Term

It is without a doubt that the most rewarding part about tutoring here at A Team Tuition is witnessing the seamless transformation of students unfold right in front of our eyes. With the recent launch of Project limitless Brisbane, we sat down with our winners Sarive Zena and Esther Abiya, whom, over the course of semester one, have truly embodied what it means to be limitless. Their resilience in overcoming adversity and taking control of their education is the epitome of the type of young adult that A Team Tuition strives to foster.

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Early School Leaver Dominates at University Going From Credits to High Distinctions in One Semester

There is one core belief that differentiates those who learn and succeed, and those who don’t, and that is the belief that every failure is an opportunity to grow, not a measurement of your limited ability. The colloquialism that claims, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is indeed a myth. The mind is characterised by lifelong plasticity; it has the capacity to continually grow and rewire itself. Even if you stumble and fall, time and time again, the power of a growth mindset will always prevail.

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Sydney tutoring

Year 10 Tutoring Helps Failing Student Become a B Student in One Term

Understanding the fundamentals of a particular subject is crucial to be able to comprehend extended topics and to be able to transition smoothly into different year levels. Take Maths for example. All units are intrinsically interlinked. Without a basic understanding of algebra, how does one understand linear equations or be able to complete extended material taught in following year levels? For student Zachary Green, this was exactly his dilemma. He lacked the fundamental skills that would allow him to excel on problem solving questions which prevented him from being able to achieve a grade above a D.

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Year 3 Student Masters Mindset and Becomes Student Leader

Sometimes, boosting someone’s self-esteem and confidence can unlock an array of doors that lead to other opportunities that one couldn’t see without being given a stepladder first. A Team Tuition’s Academic Personal Trainers embrace this idea that simply knowing school content does not suffice to be able to tackle the challenges that arise at school.

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Year 10 Student Achieves Straight A’s and a Golden Palm

Our philosophy encompasses the idea that intelligence is not a determinative factor when it comes to a child’s success at school. At A Team Tuition, our tutors hold the mindset that success is achieved through the processes you follow and the importance you place on steps that need to be taken to pave the pathway to success. The Pye brothers are not unfamiliar with this process and both brothers have received significant rewards from tutoring in doing so.

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Success Spotlight: How Ruby Reaps Rewards With Ellie’s Expert Guidance

When it comes to students, A Team Tuition has seen absolutely every type – from the successful, to the struggling, to the unmotivated, to the confident. However, nothing could prepare…

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