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Help your child reach their full academic potential with specialist English tutors that are handpicked for their ability to identify gaps in knowledge and work with the individual learning styles of students.  A strong foundation in English skills will not only improve your student's grade, it is critical to success at every level of education through an enhanced ability to comprehend the material and communicate their ideas in written and spoken forums.  The comprehension, analytical and communication skills required to succeed in English are transferable across subjects and can elevate overall student performance across the board.

How we develop your child's comprehension, analysis, and communication skills

Our private English tutors provide their students with a wealth of knowledge and strategies that are specifically designed to revolutionise the way our students approach English.  Each session is tailored to your child's learning style after careful assessment of their needs in conjunction with the student, their teachers and parents.  We aim to remove barriers to success and build your child's confidence through customised learning approaches.

Does your child need help with vocabulary development, grammar, punctuation, reading and comprehension, written or spoken English but is too shy or embarrassed to ask for help?  Our private tutors are committed to developing a positive relationship where students feel comfortable engaging in dialogue and articulating their ideas.  Our approach to tutoring means your child's full potential is tapped through overcoming their barriers to achievement.  Whether it's about confidence, motivation or a very busy social life!

English is one of the few compulsory subjects required Australia-wide for students to successfully obtain their certificate of education - and their English results are automatically counted towards their ATAR.  Whether your child requires assistance with Essential English, English, Literature, English and Literature Extension or English as an Additional Language, the specialist English tutors at A Team Tuition are here to help.  Our English tutors understand the requirements of each English module and are experts in textual analysis, comprehension and construction of extended responses.

What your English tutor will give to your child

A strong foundation in English is imperative for academic success - from primary through to tertiary education and into the workforce beyond.  To be successful, your child will require well-developed comprehension, critical thinking and analysis skills, and an ability to effectively communicate with the world around them.

Our private English tutors can identify and address gaps in foundational knowledge, build confidence and ability in the ability to deliver well-structured assessment pieces, and assist in exam preparation.  Success in English will not only help your student to improve their English and maximise their ATAR score, but be a springboard to future university studies in education, journalism, policy writing, marketing, and advertising, tourism and film to name a few.

Our English Tutoring Services

Getting started with A Team Tuition is simple.
Contacting us could be the first step in your child's remarkable career. 

English is a core subject required to enter all university courses in Australia.  Our at-home and online English tutors have helped thousands of Australian students reach their goals.  From helping your child master English in their early primary school years to preparing for their ATAR exams, English is the most important subject your child will undertake.  We're here to help.

Our English tutoring areas includes:

"Your purpose is to make your audience see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt.  Relevant detail, couched in concrete, colorful language, is the best way to recreate the incident as it happened and to picture it for the audience."

-Dale Carnegie

Find an English Tutor Near Me

A Team Tuition's stringent recruitment, training and professional development program means that the "right" English tutor is near you!

With around two hundred tutors online and in-person in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Sydney, and a host of city and regional locations across Australia the right English tutor is near you.  Find the right English tutor to develop your child's love of learning to prepare the primary and high school students of today to be the university students and successful communicators of tomorrow.

Not in your location?  Don't worry we can always help with an online English tutor, but we're growing fast, we may be coming to your town soon!  In person, or online, our English tutoring is all about supporting your child to achieve more.

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Important Update: English Tuition during Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated 2021.

A Team Tuition is currently experiencing high demand for our tutoring services due to the Covid-19 Outbreak and the ongoing impact it has on schools. Our first priority is to provide continued academic support to our hundreds of existing students. These will be given first placement in our online tutoring system.

If you’re worried about maintaining your child’s academic performance during school shutdowns or in periods of self-quarantine, speak to us NOW to secure your place.  We offer in-person and online tutoring services across all disciplines and intensive ATAR tutoring for year eleven and twelve students, 2021.

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