C Students vs A Students: What Happens When You Make the Jump

For most of us, A’s are the name of the game. We all want to achieve the best grades possible! Going from a C student to an A student is the ultimate academic goal!

However, with such a focused goal, sometimes we don’t recognise the effects of reaching that goal. I’m not here to say that there are serious consequences for getting A’s. What I’m saying is… there are many unexpected changes that you might go through after achieving that goal, which can impact how well you keep your hard-earned grade!

I went from being a C student to an A student

You might be thinking, ‘who is this person and what do they know about achieving an A in Maths?’. Well, as someone who climbed two letter grades (from C’s to A’s) in Maths, I know a thing or two about how your work ethic and attitude changes once you start achieving well.

What happens when you go next level with grades?

With that in mind, here are a few things I noticed after successfully raising my grades:

1) A’s don’t keep themselves!

2) You get more help!

3) Confidence!

1) A’s don’t keep themselves!

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Congratulations… you have achieved that well-deserved A! However, don’t get comfortable. Because it is true… you will have to put in the same amount of effort (if not more) into every piece of future assessment to stay an A student.

The big trap of C student to A student – is complacency

A lot of students tend to fall into a rut of settling and getting comfortable with a grade. For example, it took me a while to realise that if my goal was an A, settling for a B wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

Even once I got that A, it was so tempting to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, one A doesn’t mean A’s forever! You must maintain the effort and motivation that got you there in the first place.

It can seem so easy to just keep at your current level. If you are happy with that grade, why try to do better next time? Well, if it is one thing all my experience has taught me… is that there is always room for improvement! The best learners are the ones constantly asking and applying feedback, in hopes of improving their ability.

How A Team Tuition drives A students

At A Team Tuition, we love to develop growth mindsets, as we appreciate the power it can have! This is where you believe that with hard work, dedication, and motivation you can always improve any ability! This self-belief allows you to take constructive criticism and utilise it, to improve your work in the future.

This is so important! Because, when you take feedback to improve – even when you already have the A – you’re generating the best possible outcome for yourself!

So… keep up the good work! Getting an A will show you that you are more than capable to achieve it again and all you need to do is keep putting the effort in! Ask questions, take feedback in your stride with a growth mindset, and always know there’s more to learn!

2) You Get More Help

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There is a common complaint that the ‘teacher’s pet’ always gets so much more help than the other 25+ kids in the classroom.

However, this is simply not true. Teachers don’t have favourites. Teachers are passionate about educating all their students and providing them the tools they need for success!

Instead, teachers are more likely to give more attention to students who engage, be attentive, and work hard in class. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense!

Teachers have dozens of students to look after, and already have their hands full educating the pioneers of the future. But, while they are amazing people, they are not telepathic. So… if you want extra help, you need to let them know! Just put in the extra time – ask questions in class or go talk to them after class. Because, if you show your enthusiasm, they’re going to see that!

“You have to… let them know you need and want that extra help!”

Also, have you ever noticed that the high achieving students in your class… frequently put up their hands to ask or answer questions in class, go to the teacher’s desk to ask questions, email the teacher frequently, or even go and talk to them during their lunch break?

It might seem like teachers start focusing on those students who already have good grades – but this is because those students constantly demonstrate their enthusiasm and use their teacher’s better than others!

They take full advantage of having a smart intellect at their fingertips five days a week! This enables the high-achieving students to continuously get feedback, advice, and guidance to improve the quality of their work and maintain their grades.

I can tell you right now, from personal experience, if you start to show that you are passionate and want more help, you will get it!  Try it out… see what happens

3) Confidence!

How to get an A in Maths -Boy with all his books

Once you start achieving A’s, your confidence will skyrocket! I promise!

This may happen for several reasons…

To begin with, achieving an A informs you that you are more than capable of achieving well in the future! The power of self-belief is empowering, as it allows you to open your mind to endless possibilities!

With this considered, it also gives you the incentive to set higher goals in the future.  To become a straight A student perhaps?

All goals should be achievable

I know that, for me, once I started climbing the achievement ranks in Maths, all I wanted was to do better and better until I reached the top. Little victories really matter. Achieving a B grade, where before you had a C. A pass, where before you were failing.

Maybe it took you four whole years – like me – or maybe you managed it in just a short time. Maybe you had help, maybe you didn’t. Regardless, something about achieving that goal just makes it easier to achieve the next one.

So… there you have it… the three things I noticed after successfully raising my grades! Hopefully, this has enlightened you about what to expect from a change in grades. But maybe your experience will be totally different to mine. Either way… good luck!

However, if you do need a hand getting to that A – or keeping it – feel free to contact one of our friendly staff at A Team Tuition


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