From C Student to A Student… Studying Online

Meet Joseph, he’s been studying online for one term… and he’s made some very, very impressive progress.  Working with our Academic Personal Trainer Emily, Joseph has travelled from an average student to top of his year nine class, all via online tutorials.  So can a child achieve academic excellence studying online?  Absolutely, with the right help!

Teen studying online goes from a C to an A

Emily’s strategy for Joseph

Whether in person or online, our tutors are highly trained not just to teach schoolwork, but to diagnose and overcome the challenges to academic achievement.  In Joseph’s case, it was a study strategy.  A child’s study strategy can make or break their academic performance.  A poor study strategy can be mistaken for laziness, complacency and even ineptitude.  For Emily, it took no time at all to uncover where she could help Joseph and put practical steps in place to set him on his path to becoming an A student.

Emily created a study and assignment strategy for Joseph that he could apply across all his subjects. With Emily’s help, he improved his performance in English, Maths and Social Science.  Taking control of “how” he studied and how he felt about doing assignments gave Joseph a big confidence boost.  It cleared a path for him to improve his mediocre grades – and that he did!  By the end of the first term, Joseph was so confident in his ability to get top grades… that he just did.

Never underestimate confidence and strategy

Unfortunately, some schools, – and parents – focus on a child’s intellect instead of looking at the whole picture.  Nothing ruins a child’s confidence faster than feeling pressure to “be smart”.  In fact, intellect is one small factor in academic achievement.  The best results are a balance of hard work, determination, attitude, support and a study strategy that removes barriers to success.  Once the strategy is in place, your child can feel the confidence to roll up their sleeves and go for that A grade.

Is studying online as effective as face-to-face tutoring?

It’s a misconception that so many online tutors face.  That without their presence looming in the room, their pupil will lack focus and discipline.  In actual fact, studying online with Zoom or Skype means your tutor can see everything your child is doing during lessons.  Some tutors report that online tutorials empower children to take ownership of their activity. The only adult in the room isn’t actually in the room, and yet the student take control of their workload, they demonstrate independence, initiative and self-reliance.  These are all vital study skills, not to mention life skills.

It’s not a question of studying online vs studying in person, it comes down to with WHOM your child studies online.  An excellent tutor can tell how your child is feeling, can identify any big picture or day to day barriers to learning, and then adjust the lesson plan to suit.  Studying online with a highly skilled tutor will always deliver better results and more confidence than face-to-face study with an ordinary tutor.

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Is Joseph just the exception to the rule?

Not all kids are like Joseph.  Especially in the difficult “year 9” classroom.  Joseph is different to other kids his age in one key way – he wanted to improve his grades.  He was willing to set a goal and adapt to his new study strategy.  That’s the hard bit; convincing a teen to embrace the idea that “he can do this”.  But with over 2000 students transformed from mediocre achievers to high achievers, tutors like Emily have paved the way to creating success stories for ALL kids – no matter how they feel at first – or where they’re geographically located.  A Team Tuition has face-to-face tutoring options in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba but our online classes are available Australia wide.

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