Career Paths for High School Students

How to Write a High School Resume to Impress Uni Admissions

Do you have your heart set on a particular Uni? Crafting a high school resume that stands out among the…

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ATAR for University entrance

How to Prepare For Life After Graduation

Life After High School: Tips on Preparing for University The build-up to high school graduation should be a time of…

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preparing for high school graduation

Life After High School: How to Prepare for University

As you can imagine, life as a young adult in the real world is drastically different from school. After 18…

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How to Become a Lawyer in Australia

How to Become a Lawyer in Australia – Every Single Step

Every Single Step to Becoming a Lawyer in Australia “How can I become a lawyer in Australia?” It’s a common…

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How to become a doctor in Australia

How to Become a Doctor in Australia: What Subjects Are Needed?

How to Become a Doctor in Australia – from Year Eight to the Ward “My child wants to know how to become…

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what creative career is right for me

Which Creative Career Is Right for Me? 11 Jobs in the Creative Arts Industry

If you love doing creative arts subjects at school, there are so many career options you can explore! Pursuing a…

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How to choose a university course Australia

How To Choose A University Course In Australia

It’s easy to get caught up in school life where everything is prescribed to you in the form of a…

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what to do after graduation

Preparing for Life After Graduation – What To Do?

At this time of the year, Grade 12 students across Australia are in the final strokes of their assessment. Some…

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