Primary School Advice For Parents

Online Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring: Which One Is Better for Your Child?

You’ve just returned home from parent-teacher night. The verdict? Low scores in Maths and English. Additional support is no longer…

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Report card results.

How to Handle a Bad Report Card as a Parent (& Make the Next One Better)

Receiving a bad report card can be a challenging moment for both you and your child. It’s natural to feel…

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Help my struggling child. Why consistency is key at school

Why Consistency is Key in School: The Importance of Consistency in Learning

One of the valuable lessons the pandemic has taught us is the importance of consistency in learning. During challenging times…

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15 Educational Board Games for Primary School Students

Board games are some of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world. For a lot of people, board games…

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learning styles

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style? Kinaesthetic, Aural & Visual Learning Styles | A Team Tuition

As the old saying goes, practice does make perfect, but not all of us practice the same way. There is…

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How to Handle School Refusal: Strategies For Parents

Do you find yourself on a Sunday evening, already worrying about the upcoming Monday morning, leaving behind your relaxing weekend?…

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5 Best Maths Apps for Primary School: Maths Learning Online

It is not just teenagers in high school who put screen time before study nowadays. Parents today also need solutions…

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NAPLAN Reading Test: What is it & How to Prepare Your Child 

Going through school is never easy, and it can feel even more daunting when students feel unprepared or nervous for…

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What is NAPLAN Language Conventions & How to Prepare Your Child

NAPLAN is the first experience children have of significant standardised testing in their educational journeys, and it can often prove…

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NAPLAN Writing Test: What is it and How to Prepare Your Child

The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) are the standardised tests given to all students in Year 3, 5,…

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How to Prepare Your Child for the NAPLAN Numeracy Test 

With NAPLAN testing moving to Term One, the NAPLAN numeracy testing is right around the corner! There are many learning…

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It is never to late to improve reading skills

9 Reading Strategies for Kids to Improve Their Reading Level

From knights battling dragons to flying wizards, reading can transport us into faraway lands. Once upon a time, each one…

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