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Stay up to date on everything A Team Tuition related by visiting our blog. Here we will post relevant articles and information for students, parents and team members to enjoy. We have categorised all our articles into our company’s five core values as we believe these are the critical key elements needed to achieve true success within education.

How To Excel In High School Whilst Managing Anxiety

How to excel at school whilst managing Anxiety

Contents What Is Anxiety?Mental Health In Schools How I Have Dealt With ItSteps To Take To Manage Your Anxiety When In School  What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is a term that unfortunately is widely thrown around to describe how people feel in a bunch of different situations; exams, before an important meeting...

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  At A Team, we aim to provide a sense of enrichment to all our students, whether it may be in the form of academic achievements or personal development. To do this, our tutors are dedicated to instilling motivation and confidence in their students through creative means.   For...

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5 Ways To Ease The Transition From Year 11 To Year 12

transition from year 11 to year 12

The last school bell of the year rings. You have finally completed Year 11 and an appealing two months of school-free holiday awaits you. Firstly, congratulations on finishing your second last year of school! You are now one step closer to the long-awaited graduation – exciting, isn’t it?  While...

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6 Study Hacks You Need To Do To Get Ahead At School

  Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused in class or while completing assignments at home? Don’t worry if you do, just keep reading to learn some study hacks!   For those of you who have already come up with some of your own, there’s no harm in exploring...

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Why I Became An Academic Personal Trainer

  As an enthusiastic learner, I will always jump at every opportunity to enhance my learning experience.   With that being said, when provided with the amazing opportunity by A Team Tuition, I was more than honoured to become an Academic Personal Trainer to fulfil my passion of equipping...

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The 10 Ways A Team Tuition Helped Me Land My Dream Job After University

    Part time jobs are a necessity for most, but only a select few use the opportunity to gain experience while they’re studying at uni. Our dream employers always ask us in interviews what experience we have gained while at university and unfortunately, our answers rarely satisfy their...

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How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Schooling

Social media helping students study

  I had just posted about my school’s Awards Night on Instagram. Notifications of likes/comments were flooding my phone’s lock screen and instant gratification was flooding my mind’s reward centre. The picture I chose was a classic; a joyous grin, awards in hand, and a school blazer weighed down...

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How To Get An A In Geography – 7 Steps

Tutor helping student with Geography

  Each subject, regardless of its relevance to your desired career, can teach us something.   English teaches us communication; mathematics shows us how to solve problems, Science explains the world around us and the arts push us to our creative limits. Geography is no exception. Geography gives students...

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How To Get An A In Business – 7 Steps

    Almost every aspect of the society in which we live involves some elements of business, including undertakings as simple as trading a candy for a chocolate you would much prefer.   In saying that, developing a thorough understanding in the subject of Business will not only allow...

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The Ultimate Job For University Students

Best job for uni students

University can often feel like an “in-between” space in one’s life, where you’re not quite at the career you’d like, but also focusing strongly on making your way there. The frustration in this time is finding a good job that works well for you and your interests, paying you well,...

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