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What Learning Language Is Your Child?

Everyone is different. We all look different, even identical twins have some disparity. We all speak differently; depending on a person’s origin, they might speak another language or have an accent. Every person also has their own preference regarding food;...

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Why I Joined A Team Tuition

Before I found A Team Tuition, I did not have the best first-job experience! Like most teenagers that graduate high-school, I was in desperate need of a job. In a small town, I thought I was lucky to find full-time employment in a small, fluorescent-lit, and...

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The Theory Behind ATAR

 With recent changes, ATAR and effectively the entire school system for years 10 to 12, is grounded in the theory of ‘the new taxonomy of education model’ by Robert Marzano. This model provides teachers the method to enhance student’s thinking skills through a process...

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Top 10 Tips to get an ‘A’ in English

Writing is a major part of the world we live in; as one of our main forms of communication. From text messages, emails, letters, birthday cards, menus, road signs, to assignments, written exams, speeches, books… writing is all around us. It touches us every day. We...

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