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Queensland Curriculum

Queensland Curriculum is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Queensland curriculum is undergoing a review, which means that changes are in store for staff and students at Queensland schools. As the changes come into play, it’s important to be aware…

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Paige went from D’s to B’s in One Year!

The senior years of high school, Years 11 and 12, can certainly be an overwhelming time for students. Carefree lunchtimes on the handball courts become distant memories as the emphasis…

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Emily Transformed from D’s To A’s in One Year!

“Overwhelm paralysis” – ever heard of it? Maybe, maybe not? You’ve almost certainly experienced it at some point in your life, though. That feeling of having so much to do…

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ATAR Preparation 2021

TICK TOCK: NOW is Your Last Chance to NAIL ATAR this Year!

There is officially less than 5 months till the ATAR examination period commences, with the first exam commencing on Tuesday the 12th of October 2021. Now, that may seem like a long time for students to prepare…

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Boarding Schools Canberra

Parents’ Guide to Boarding Schools in Canberra

Choosing the right boarding school is a difficult decision that could impact your child’s future for years to come. A good boarding school can support your child to thrive academically,…

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How to Prepare Your Child for External Exams

Final exam season is almost here for resilient Year 12 students, which means the start of external examinations. The nature of external examinations varies by state, but are now involved…

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GUIDE TO A 99 ATAR – Strategies and Tips from Tutors Who Received a 99 ATAR

How to get a 99 ATAR seems like an impossible question, especially with the many factors that go into the calculation!  The elusive 99.95 ATAR is the ultimate goal for…

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ATAR for Law Canberra

What’s the ATAR for Law in Canberra and NSW?

What ATAR is Needed for Law in Canberra and New South Wales?  Across Australia, law school is one of the most challenging post-secondary degree programs to gain admission to. Students hoping to study…

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School office supplies

5 Ways to Set Up Your Child for Term Three

Oh no! I mean… oh yes! The mid year holidays have ended, and the kids go back to school. But before we get peace and quiet between nine to three,…

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private tutoring canberra

Parents’ Guide to Choosing Private Tutoring in Canberra

If you’re in Canberra and you’re looking to help your child achieve their best results and get into the university of their dreams, A Team Tuition offers exceptional private tutoring.  Canberra is unique in…

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How to Become a Lawyer in Australia

How to Become a Lawyer in Australia – Every Single Step

Every Single Step to Becoming a Lawyer in Australia “How can I become a lawyer in Australia?” It’s a common question among students and parents. So what’s the answer? Becoming a lawyer…

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ATAR for paramedicine

What ATAR Is Required For Paramedicine In Australia

What is the ATAR for Paramedicine in Australia? Do you love helping others and feel confident that you can you handle the pressure of knowing just what to do in an emergency situation? If so,…

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