Primary School Study Tips

Music to Help You Stay Awake and Study

Does Music Help You Study and Keep You Awake?

These days, if you walk into a public library, there’s a good chance you’ll find students congregating in crowded silence,…

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How to get into the study mindset

How to Get Into the Study Mindset – Here Are Our 6 Tricks

As you go through high school and the study load increases it is important to learn how to get into…

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visual learning style

Visual Learning Style Study Tips

People with a visual learning style engage with the world around them first and foremost with their eyes. They pay…

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aural learning style

Aural Learning Style Study Tips

People with an Aural learning Style lean primarily on their sense of sound to process the world around them. They…

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Kinaesthetic learning style

Kinaesthetic Learning Style Study Tips

Kinaesthetic learners (sometimes spelt Kinesthetic) are those individuals who have an intimate feel for the world around them. These learners…

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5 Great Back to School Tips and Tricks For Students

With a new year comes a new load of successes, challenges, and adventure – and, just around the corner, a…

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time management

Goal Setting for Students and Time-Management Skills For Every Student

As your students are looking to achieve that A grade, it is important to remember that both goal setting and…

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Study Skills for Primary School Students

Minecraft Games As Learning: Study Skills for Primary School Students

The Hidden Advantages of Minecraft Games as Learning Harrison Reed is an Academic Specialist and avid gamer. He works with…

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How to improve study skills at home

Tackling Poor Study Skills: Spoiler, No, Your Child Isn’t Just Lazy!

He’s just slack. She’s spending too much time on her phone, not on the books. He’s not as smart as…

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Five Fatal Study Traits – How to Help Struggling Students

Is your child struggling at school? If the answer is yes, then you have found the right article!  If the answer is no… keep reading as you never know when this issue may raise its ugly head. It is normal…

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6 Study Hacks You Need To Do To Get Ahead At School

Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused in class or while completing assignments at home? Don’t worry if you do, just keep reading to learn some study hacks!For those of you who…

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The Essential Skill of Time Management: A Project Limitless Example

Busy schedules began instantly after the 2018 Project Limitless Scholarship winners were announced. Upon reflection of their time with A…

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