High School Study Tips

How to Study for a Science Test: 4 Tips to Ace Your Exam

You have a big science test coming up! But you don’t know how to study for it. In this article…

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How to Study in High School: 12 Tips for High School Studying

High school studying can be a daunting task, especially with the added pressure of exams and assignments. But with the…

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How to Study for an Exam: 15 Exam Study Tips for Your Child

As a student, exams are a critical but stressful and overwhelming time. While a lot of content is taught and…

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How to Study for a Science Test: 10 Effective Tips

Gone are your primary school science days of creating a solar system out of styrofoam balls and wooden dows. By…

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Senior Mathematics

9 Best Maths Study Tips for Effective Learning

It’s the night before your mid-term maths test, and you’ve hit a roadblock with algebraic expressions. What else is new,…

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How to get into the study mindset

How to Get Motivated to Study: 6 Study Mindset Tips

As you go through high school and your study load increases it is important to learn how to get into…

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How To Memorise The Periodic Table: Easy Memorisation Tricks

No doubt you have seen the large table of colours and capitalised letters hanging on the wall of your science…

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Child struggling with maths homework - A Team maths tutoring strategies can help

Maths Teaching Strategies – Why Our Students Flourish!

Your kid says they “hate” maths? Our maths teaching strategies can help! If your child is one of the many…

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Holiday Tutoring

What are the benefits of Term 5 Holiday Tutoring?

Could Your Child Benefit from Term 5 Holiday Tutoring? Looking forward to the holidays? After a hard year at school, it’s…

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ATAR Tutoring Melbourne

GUIDE TO A 99 ATAR – Strategies and Tips from Tutors Who Received a 99 ATAR

How to get a 99 ATAR seems like an impossible question, especially with the many factors that go into the…

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High School Study Plan

Your High School Study Plan is Missing THIS

At A Team Tuition, we’ve thrown out the traditional idea of a school study plan and created our own – and…

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Must Read Books For Your High Schooler This Holiday

The days spent inside during the school holidays can go by really slow. Your child will most likely be bored…

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