High School Study Tips

Female student writing an English essay on laptop in coffee shop

Complete Guide to the 10 Main Types of Essays for Students

Welcome to the wonderful world of essay writing! Throughout your academic journey, knowing how to express your thoughts, ideas and…

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Online Tutoring

5 Tips for Studying Online: How to Succeed in Virtual Classes

In today’s educational landscape, online learning has surged in popularity due to its flexibility and convenience. We have seen an…

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How to Study for an Exam: 15 Exam Study Tips for Your Child

As a student, exams are a critical but can be a stressful and overwhelming time. While a lot of content…

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time management

Goal Setting and Time Management for Students: Why It Matters

As your students are looking to achieve that ‘A’ grade, it is important to remember that both goal setting and…

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visual learning style

Visual Learning Style Essentials: 5 Visual Learner Study Tips

Visual Learning Style Essentials: 5 Visual Learner Study Tips Are you easily distracted by the atmosphere and moving environment around…

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How to study for year 11

5 Study Tips for Year 11: How to Prepare & Get the Most Out of It

So you’re about to start Year 11, and you may be wondering “How do I prepare for year 11?” Welcome…

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Music to Help You Stay Awake and Study

Does Music Help With Studying and Keeping You Awake?

These days, if you walk into a public library, there’s a good chance you’ll find students congregating in crowded silence,…

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Visual Techniques for English Essays: A Complete Guide

Visual techniques in English may be something you are familiar with, but it also may be completely new to you,…

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How to Analyse a Text for English Class: 7 Textual Analysis Tips

If you struggle to analyse a text in an insightful way without running straight to the themes section on SparkNotes,…

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How to Use the Pythagoras Theorem: Tips and Tricks from a Maths Tutor

The Pythagoras Theorem is a maths rule that helps you find the length of the sides of a right-angled triangle.…

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How to Study for a Science Test: 4 Tips to Ace Your Exam

You have a big science test coming up! But you don’t know how to study for it. In this article…

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How to Study in High School: 12 Tips for High School Studying

High school studying can be a daunting task, especially with the added pressure of exams and assignments. But with the…

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