Year 11 Student Goes From C+ to A+ in Just One Term

A bit of confidence can go a long way. For Year 11 student Shawna, finding some confidence in her ability was the key to unlocking her potential. In less than six months, she has managed to transform her grades in business from C+’s into A+’s, and has gained a trusted mentor in the process too.

A Team Tuition’s Academic Personal Trainers take pride in building a strong relationship with their students. They aim to be more than just another teacher figure; they are there to listen, to give advice and provide holistic support, and more importantly, to be a mentor. According to Shawna’s tutor Kiah, this aspect was incredibly important in facilitating Shawna’s dramatic improvement.

Shawna Transformation Using Academic Personal Training

“Unfortunately Shawna’s parents have been stuck in Melbourne due to COVID and are not able to be there when she tries to complete her homework.. Not being able to ask for help so easily left her lacking motivation and self-belief. When I started working with Shawna in March, I noticed how she really needed a mentor and someone that believed in her. The simple fact of just having someone there to support her with her work and study-habits made such a change to her confidence.”

On the back of her academic personal training with Kiah, Shawna surprised herself with the feedback she got on a first draft for a business assignment.

“When she got that mark on her draft, she realised what she was capable of and that she was heading in the right direction. Since then she’s been more motivated than ever. She even won an award at school for improvement!”

Why Academic Personal Training Is About More Than Just Marks

While the improvement in Shawna’s grades has delighted student and tutor alike, Kiah, her academic personal trainer, has also been proud of the change in Shawna’s mentality.

“While Shawna was going from a C+ to an A+ in business, she was also going through a transformation in terms of her mindset and attitude. When I first met Shawna she didn’t believe she would be able to accomplish an A, but now she is making strides across the board.”

Above all, though, Shawna’s story is a nice reminder of the power and importance of having a menor. 

“Since starting with Kiah, I have more people to talk to and I don’t feel so alone during the week while my parents aren’t here. Having a tutor that I can speak with really helps on my end.”

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