Terms & Conditions

This document contains our Terms & Conditions for the provision of our services. By clicking ‘I Agree to the Terms & Conditions’ you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and hereby acquiesce to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

A Team Tuition Australia Pty Ltd ACN 646 350 192 (A Team Tuition, we, us, our)


You, the client of A Team Tuition (you, your)

  1. Definitions
    1. Academic Personal Trainer (APT): Refers to the assigned A Team Tuition employee responsible for providing the services.
    2. Fee: Denotes the fee associated with your selected package, along with any other fees specified in this agreement.
    3. Package: Represents the specific A Team Tuition program chosen by you for the designated Term.
    4. Services: Encompass the tutoring services offered to you and the student as outlined in your chosen package, which may include tuition sessions and other related services.
    5. Student: Refers to the individual receiving tuition sessions and benefiting from the services under this agreement.
    6. Term: Signifies the duration of the purchased package.
    7. Session: Indicates a tutoring session provided by an Academic Personal Trainer as part of the agreed Package.
  2.  Engagement
    1. By entering into this agreement, you engage our services as detailed in these Terms and Conditions.
    2. This engagement covers the provision of Services for the specified package term.
    3. Services will automatically renew for another package term unless the student completes year twelve (12) or you provide written notice by completing our cancellation form at least two (2) weeks before the current package term's expiration date. Payment of the fee or student attendance in a new package term signifies acceptance of the services for the new package.
    4. We will retain your enrolment position unless you submit a Program Cancellation Form. Enrolment capacity is limited. To forfeit enrolment without incurring additional fees, you are required to complete the Cancellation Form. If the Cancellation form is not submitted at least two weeks in advance of the program's expiry date, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.
    5. Any variations to these Terms & Conditions must be communicated in writing.
    6. It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your contact information (address, email, and telephone). We cannot be held responsible for any failure to do so.
    7. To accept these Terms and Conditions, you must be at least 18 years of age and be the responsible party for payment of the services.
  3. Cooling Off Period
    1. You are entitled to a two (2) week cooling-off period starting from the date of the first tuition session of each package.
    2. During the cooling-off period, you have the option to cancel the package and these Terms & Conditions in writing.
    3. If you terminate your package for any reason during the cooling-off period, you are entitled to a refund of 90% of the package invoice value.
  4. Services
    1. Subject to the payment of the fee, we will provide the services in line with your selected package.
    2. Consistency in using the services as per your recommended package is required to ensure effectiveness and the desired results.
    3. All sessions must be completed within the program duration period before the specified expiry date. There are weeks within the program where no sessions are scheduled to offer flexibility during rescheduling sessions. You are responsible for ensuring adequate availability to enable completion of any rescheduled sessions. This isn’t limited to school term periods and should include holiday breaks as required.
    4. The weeks of your program commence the week of your first session and run in consecutive weeks, regardless of school term dates. If you're unable to attend sessions in December or January, due to school concluding for the year, up to six weeks can be added to the end of your program to extend the expiration date and no sessions will take place during that time.
    5. You will receive a Student Progress Report for all completed sessions. If sessions are cancelled without rescheduling, you will not receive Session (Student) Progress Reports for these sessions. 
    6. If applicable to your package, you acknowledge and agree to complete in full the “Strategies To Accelerate Results” (STAR) Digital Training Course within the initial 30 days of commencing your package.
  5.  Packages
    1. Each package may offer different features which are subject to change over time.
    2. We will recommend a package based on the information you provide us.
    3. We reserve the right, based on the Academic Personal Trainer's advice, to recommend a review, variation, or amendment of the package.
    4. You can change your package at the end of each package term by paying the relevant fee for the altered package.
    5. If we cannot provide an Academic Personal Trainer (APT) for in-person sessions due to an unexpected Academic Personal Trainer resignation, we reserve the right to offer online Zoom tutoring sessions with another Academic Personal Trainer to complete the program. We will make every effort to prioritise your preference. No refunds will be issued for program completion that can be effectively conducted through online Zoom sessions.
    6. We commit to maintaining continuity with your assigned Academic Personal Trainer for the duration of your program but cannot guarantee the same Academic Personal Trainer for every session of your program. We retain the ability to assign any available Academic Personal Trainer until program completion. 
    7. Refunds for Academic Personal Trainer resignations will not be granted, except in cases where an Academic Personal Trainer cannot be provided, either for in-person sessions or online through Zoom.
  6.  Fees
    1. The fee can be paid in monthly or weekly direct debit instalments or in full upfront, as per your indicated choice.
    2. The fee for a package is non-refundable. 
    3. We reserve the right to adjust fees; however, they will not change during a package and we will advise fee changes in writing.
    4. An extra fee may be charged for credit card or direct debit payments, dishonoured payments, or collection actions to recover overdue amounts.
    5. All fees are inclusive of GST and denominated in Australian dollars.
  7.  Expiry Date Extensions
    1. Expiry date extensions may be granted for certain circumstances where illness or Academic Personal Trainer availability has been delayed by us. 
    2. Extensions are allocated at our discretion, considering your individual circumstances, and are not guaranteed.
    3. All extension requests will be reviewed as part of our internal review process and outcomes communicated to you in writing.
  8.  Sessions
    1. Tuition sessions will be scheduled as per your agreement with the Academic Personal Trainer.
    2. Sessions  may occur either at your residence, online through Zoom or at a mutually agreed location.
    3. If the student or Academic Personal Trainer is unwell and online tutoring through Zoom is suggested, you have the right to accept or decline this offer, with the option to reschedule the session.
    4. When in-person sessions are conducted, they should be in an open and accessible area with open doors and not in a personal space e.g. bedroom.
    5. A parent or guardian (over 18 years) must be present in the home during in-person Tuition Sessions.  
    6. A booking confirmation for each Tuition Session will be provided within 24 hours. A valid booking requires a booking confirmation.
    7. All sessions have a duration of 1.5 hours, regardless of whether the session is altered individually or by mutual agreement, by either the student, parent/guardian or Academic Personal Trainer.
    8. No refunds or additional sessions will be given for sessions that are altered by you.
    9. If the Academic Personal Trainer is delayed on arrival, they will ensure the session time is extended to complete the full 1.5 hour duration. 
    10. The Academic Personal Trainer cannot shorten or change the length of a session or the package.
    11. Each session is specifically designated to focus on either Mathematics or English as the except for the Accelerator Program which covers both subjects in the one session.
  9.  Cancellations and Reschedules
    1. Sessions must be cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours' written notice.
    2. Cancelled sessions must have a planned rescheduled date agreed and booked within seven (7) days.
    3. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours will not be able to be rescheduled, and the session will be forfeited.
    4. All cancelled sessions must be rescheduled and completed before the Package expiry date. All unscheduled sessions will be forfeited.
    5. Your assigned Academic Personal Trainer will manage all program session cancellations and reschedules. You must escalate all unresolved scheduling complaints to your Program Support Manager within 24 hours of becoming aware of these.
    6. A Team is not responsible for students cancelling sessions without their Parent/Guardian’s consent. 
    7. All cancelled sessions are documented, and an email notification will be sent to you, informing you of the cancellation and rescheduling of that session.
    8. You will provide sufficient availability and flexibility to facilitate a mutually convenient time to complete the rescheduled session. This isn’t limited to school term periods and should include holiday breaks as required.
  10.  Parents/Guardians
    1. A parent or guardian (over 18 years) should participate in the initial Session.
    2. For in-person sessions, a parent or guardian must be present during the session.
  11.  Academic Personal Trainer Assignment
    1. An Academic Personal Trainer will be assigned to you.
    2. We may change your Academic Personal Trainer at our discretion or upon your request.
    3. Concerns about your Academic Personal Trainer must be escalated to your Program Support Manager within 48 hours of the most recent tutoring session.
    4. Respectful treatment of the Academic Personal Trainer is expected at all times. Any abuse or threatening conduct will be considered a material breach of these Terms & Conditions.
    5. The extent of external communication and support provided by the individual Academic Personal Trainer is at their discretion.
    6. All student support including assignment drafting is to occur during the tutoring session. The Academic Personal Trainer will not draft or complete any formal academic work outside the scheduled sessions. If the student requires such assistance, you must arrange additional sessions with the Academic Personal Trainer.  If these sessions are in addition to your current package benefits, these sessions must be arranged with your Program Support Manager.
  12.  Liability
    1. We do not guarantee or warrant specific grade results for any student, and we do not assume responsibility for a student's overall performance in exams or assessments.
    2. These Terms & Conditions are subject to any legislation that may restrict or prohibit the exclusion, modification, or restriction of implied warranties, conditions, or obligations. In such cases, our liability will be limited to:
      - In the case of goods: replacement of goods or supply of equivalent goods; repair of goods; payment for the cost of replacement or acquisition of equivalent goods; or payment for repair.
      - In the case of services: supply of services again or payment for the cost of resupply.
  13. Termination 
    1. We will retain your enrolment position between packages unless you submit a Program Cancellation Form. To forfeit enrolment without incurring additional fees, you are required to complete the Cancellation Form. If the Cancellation form is not submitted at least two weeks in advance of the program's expiry date, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.
    2. If you terminate the services during the package, and prevent package completion, no fees will be refunded and you will be liable for the balance of fees due for the package you have committed to.
    3. We may terminate or suspend the services or your package for your breach of these Terms & Conditions, with failure to remedy the breach within 10 days of our request.
    4. Termination may occur if you fail to pay any portion of the fee.
    5. This agreement may be terminated if we cease operating the business providing the services.
    6. Unpaid fees become due upon termination for any reason.
  14.  Queries
    1. Your Academic Personal Trainer is your primary contact for queries regarding the services or your package.
    2. If your Academic Personal Trainer cannot assist, your nominated Program Support Manager will be available during regular business hours to answer your inquiries.
  15.  General
    1. Both you and the student agree to adhere to our policies and procedures for service provision as may be reasonably required from time to time.
    2. We retain all intellectual property rights related to the packages, services, and any materials provided to you or the student.
    3. You must not assign, sublicence, or otherwise deal with any of your rights under these Terms & Conditions.
    4. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia, and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia.
    5. Our Privacy Policy, available at Privacy Policy Link, should be reviewed. Information about students may be shared with A Team Tuition partner schools unless you provide written notice to the contrary.
    6. We are a member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) with membership number 2014003709 and adhere to ATA's code of conduct, which can be found on the ATA's website at ATA Website Link.