Advice For Parents of High School Students

Year 7 student acting the class clown throwing a paper plane - A Team Tution can help

How Our Year 7 Tutors Tame “Class Clowns”

So, your child’s been labelled the “class clown”…. What now? Has your child’s teacher approached you to discuss your child’s…

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Child struggling with maths homework - A Team maths tutoring strategies can help

Maths Teaching Strategies – Why Our Students Flourish!

Your kid says they “hate” maths? Our maths teaching strategies can help! If your child is one of the many…

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Year 7 Maths Tutor

Children Give Up on Maths in Early High School – Stop the Cycle Early

Stop the cycle of kids giving up on maths in high school STEM subjects are becoming increasingly important as the…

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HSIE Syllabus Tutors

How does the HSIE Syllabus Impact My Child’s ATAR/HSC?

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) encourages students to investigate and analyse the interactions between people and the world in…

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Help my struggling child. Why consistency is key at school

Why Consistency is Key at School – and How to Help a Struggling Child

The past couple of years have been incredibly difficult for our kids – especially the inconsistency with their education. They’ve…

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Three signs you need a Year 10 tutor

Three Signs You Need a Year 10 Tutor

Three signs your Year 10 student needs a tutor Year 10 is an important step in your child’s educational career…

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How Year 7 tutoring can help your new high school student

Year 7 Tutoring – Should Your New High School Student Use A Tutor?

Should You Use Year 7 Tutoring For Your New High School Student? Year 7 is the start of high school…

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Preparing for at home tutoring

How To Prepare for Your First At Home Tutoring Session

Help Your Child To Prepare For Their First At Home Tutoring Session So your child is falling behind at school…

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Why Book a HSC Tutor for Your Child?

Why Book an HSC Tutor For Your Child?

Should You Be Looking at HSC Tutors For Your Child? Your senior years in high school require more dedication and…

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How do I find a Private Tutor?

How Do I Find a Private Tutor?

How Do I Find a Private Tutor? Have you been wondering, “How do I find a private tutor?” It’s a question more…

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Educational Theories

Are Modern Educational Theories Keeping Up with Modern Teaching Needs?

Are Modern Educational Theories Keeping Up with Modern Teaching Needs? Today’s teaching theories seek to make connections with the real…

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Private Tutors Sydney

Will Private Tutors Keep Sydney Students Competitive with Melbournites?

Can Sydney students achieve the same level of academic improvement as Melbournites? The rivalry between Sydneysiders and Melbournians isn’t about…

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