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87% of our students achieve A/B Grades!

Give your child the study skills they need to reach their full academic potential.  At A Team Tuition, Perth's fastest-growing tutoring company, we empower your child to achieve lifelong study skills and give them the strategies they need to become 'A' students. The result?  Remarkable improvements in confidence, attitude, and grades. 


Our exclusive Perth tutoring program was developed by child psychologists, education experts, and elite performance coaches.  We focus on overcoming your child's barriers to learning, making it easier for them to understand and thrive.  We carefully select, train, and support all our Perth primary and high school tutors to deliver superior tutoring services, and excellent results.

Bring out your child's full potential, not just at school, for life.

Our Child-centred approach to tutoring PERTH students

We'll help your child change their approach to learning.  We'll help them develop an "academic mindset" which means better school results, and a more motivated, enthusiastic child.  We develop our tutors to be more like personal academic trainers, rather than simple tutoring professionals.

1. Develop confidence, motivation and improve their grades.

2. Learn the secrets of high performing students and help them to adapt their study habits.

3. Work with a mentor on a program tailored to your child's personal learning style and academic goals.

Our Tutoring services in perth

After more than a decade of private tutoring across Australia, our team is now working with Perth primary and high school students.  We'll match your student to the right tutor, to ensure optimum results, and motivation.  We offer one-on-one private tutoring, both in-person and online in Perth.

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Subjects we tutor

Our team of Perth tutors work across primary and high school subjects.  We create a custom tutoring strategy for your child, from a single subject to intensive to multi subject ATAR preparation.

Primary School Subjects We Tutor:

Primary School Maths | Primary School English | HASS | Primary School Science

High School Subjects We Tutor:

Mathematics (All Grades and Levels) | English (All Grades and Levels) | History | Geography | Legal Studies | Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Physical Education | Accounting | Business | Economics | Consumer and Financial Literacy | Media Arts and Design Technology | Music Theory | Speech and Drama | Visual Arts


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

"Any student can achieve success in school with the right Mindset, Strategy and Support Team around them."

- Hayden McEvoy (CEO & Founder)

study smarter, not longer - Tutoring for busy families

A Team Tuition is Perth's fastest-growing tutoring company with over a decade of proven results tutoring in Australia. Our Perth families have shared their struggles to find the right tutoring options near them.  We're proud to offer a new approach that better fits their child's needs, and lifestyle.

We're Perth's first choice for busy kids - and their parents.

  • Focus on smarter study habits, not longer ones.
  • At home, or online tutoring sessions so you don't need to taxi them anywhere!
  • One-on-one, child-centric private tutoring, to get more achieved, faster
  • Flexibility around extra-curricular activities and day to day commitments
  • Understanding.  Families are all different.  We work to fit in with yours.
  • School support.  We will help build your child's learning network, liaise with their teachers and co-ordinate their academic transformation journey - so you don't have to.

This approach has helped over 10,000 of our primary and secondary students elevate their grades in record time.



The Secrets To Academics Revealed (STAR) Program

In order to transform your child’s grades, confidence, and motivation, we focus on educating them on the three core pillars of success in school: Growth Mindset, Academic Support and Academic Strategy. It is when your child begins to understand and apply these three concepts alongside their Academic Personal Trainer, you will see your child’s grades, confidence, and motivation transform.

The 'Secrets to Academic Revealed' (STAR) Program was carefully developed with child psychologists, teachers, university professors, and academics to deliver better academic results. The program is designed to work with your child to ensure that they understand exactly what they need to do to be successful. It is both theoretical and practical, and the nine modules allow students to learn the skills of an 'A' student while completing their own class work.


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Why We Refer to Our Perth Tutors as Academic Personal Trainers

At A Team Tuition, we refer to our tutors as Academic Personal Trainers. Why?  Because we don’t just teach the Australian Curriculum but work to improve your child's mindset, support, and strategy.


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