Transformation Stories

We’re proud of the many success stories we’ve created over the past decade. We know that every small improvement isn’t just a better grade, it’s a boost to your child’s confidence and a step towards transforming how they feel about school work. We’re so proud of the work these kids have put in, their tenacity, and their determination to succeed.

Read our students’ stories now.

Primary School English Tutoring Changed CC's Whole Attitude to School

Primary School Student Finds Her Groove

Meet Cecilia, who prefers to go by CC.  CC’s start to school was a difficult one after going through a…

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Ellie English Tutor

Ellie Went From a Low C to a High B – But That’s Not All!

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ELLIE’S MUM – JEM  One Term of English Tutoring and Ellie Went from a Low C to…

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Year 12 Student, Harriet, went from 54% to 95% in Maths Methods in One Year!

What a difference a year can make! Just 12 months ago, Year 12 student Harriet was at a crossroads with…

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For Grace, Straight ‘A’s Were a “Happy Byproduct” of the Holistic Benefits of Tutoring

From youth through to adulthood, life is full of challenges. For young kids, the social and academic pressures associated with…

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Paige went from D’s to B’s in One Year!

The senior years of high school, Years 11 and 12, can certainly be an overwhelming time for students. Carefree lunchtimes…

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Emily Transformed from D’s To A’s in One Year!

“Overwhelm paralysis” – ever heard of it? Maybe, maybe not? You’ve almost certainly experienced it at some point in your…

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In Just Five Weeks James went from a 20% to a 80% in Year 10 Maths!

Navigating change can be difficult for anyone, regardless of age or life experience. For teenagers who are still working out…

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Reception Year Tutoring

How Reception Year Tutoring Changed One Little Girl’s Heartbreaking Story

2020 was a hell of a year for so many of us – including the poor little things trying to find their…

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Naia Transforms from C’s to A’s While Learning With Dyslexia!

The story begins when Naia’s Mum, Sharon, was researching the best fit for High School for Naia. The school had…

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Year 11 Girl Transforms from D’s to B’s in Just One Year!

It’s no secret that we tend to like the things we’re good at, and dislike those we’re not. So what…

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How A Team Tuition Student Went From Failing Year 11 Maths to Getting A’s in 1 Year

Success is like a sugar rush – sweet, but short-lasting. Once tasted, it must be constantly chased and achieved in…

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Year 11 Student Goes From C+ to A+ in Just One Term

A bit of confidence can go a long way. For Year 11 student Shawna, finding some confidence in her ability…

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