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About A Team Tuition and Our Exclusive Tutoring System

We believe that tutoring, done correctly, has the power to change the life of a student. We believe that building confidence comes from understanding the child’s emotional barriers to learning. We believe that teaching must fit the student, not the other way round. We know that all kids absorb information differently and when you put them in a classroom not geared to their preferred learning style, they’ll never reach their full potential. So we don’t believe in tutoring kids, we believe in reshaping the curriculum for kids, and letting them discover just how much they can learn. That is where tutoring becomes transformational. And that is at the heart of everything we do at A Team Tuition.

Our Core Values -
The I.N.S.P.I.R.E Values

We INSPIRE self-belief in our students through living the following values: Integrity, Nurture, Service, Passion, Innovation, Resilience and Empowerment.

Each drop of knowledge. Each trickle of confidence. Every surge of understanding. Every spout of pride. Every homework argument never had.

We believe that the good adds up. It leads to waves in the community. Leads to better classrooms, and better schools. Leads to more opportunities. We see each moment in a child’s education as an opportunity to fill them with pride, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. Because when a child transforms, it transforms the whole family. When a family transforms, it impacts the whole school. When a school transforms, the whole community benefits. Our values aren’t about A grades. We believe in creating a better educational experience. A better education system. A better future for our kids. And their kids.

What would your life be like now, if you had the support, strategy and inspiration you needed? Would your children feel differently about their education?

Our team is here to create a tsunami. One ripple at a time.

A tutoring system founded on a transformational journey

Our founder, Hayden McEvoy built A Team on his own transformational experience. That's why A Team Tuition's tutoring system is unlike any other. Hayden was diagnosed with ADHD in grade one. For the next decade, he struggled through school, barely scraping a C grade average. His Mum enrolled him in swimming and there he developed grit and determination thanks to the mindset coaching he received as a young, elite athlete. Hayden’s swimming coach designed his training strategy.  He monitored his mindset.  Helped him to focus. And it worked.  Hayden rose to the top of the junior world swimming rankings. His grades, however failed to rise.

Hayden, without realising it at the age of 15, began laying the foundations for A Team Tuition.  Instead of procrastinating, instead of losing focus, instead of hanging out with his friends, Hayden became his own academic coach.  He used the strategies he learned during his elite sport training to improve his grades.  He understood that not all swimmers thrive on the same training regime, so he set out to create his own learning path, his own schedule and his own approach to learning.  He never considered himself naturally smart, but once he changed his attitude to school, enlisted those around him to act as his support network and created a study strategy that worked for him (and all his swimming commitments). Hayden's academic career transformed from Ds to As.

When he became a tutor during his university years, he found that the standard approach to tutoring was much like the "standard classroom"; limited in what it could achieve. So, he began "coaching" his tutoring students, refining his own strategy and developing a strategy for the children he tutored. They quickly transformed into 'A' students. And, so began A Team Tuition.  The final product, the Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR) Program, was carefully developed by child psychologists, teachers and academic, then shaped by the Marzano Learning Model.  Tutoring isn't about "learning the curriculum" it's about creating learners who can thrive despite the challenges of the curriculum. That comes about through a combination of tutoring, mentoring and academic strategy. Since then, thousands of students have undergone our transformative approach to tutoring and the results have been incredible.  Now, ten years later, we've earned our reputation as Australia's most impactful tutoring company.

The A Team Difference - Academic Personal Training

We call our tutoring team "Academic Personal Trainers" because our approach to education isn't about rote learning the curriculum, it's about changing how your child learns.  That takes training.  That takes change.  It takes a bit of grit and determination.   Our team of Academic Personal Trainers are recruited, trained and developed by our core team to empower children to rise to the challenge.  We recruit on values and the ability to mentor and support our students.  We turn down 90% of our applicants because, despite stellar grades, they simply don't have the skills to inspire our students.  And that's what A Team Tuition is all about.  That's why we're proud to have been chosen as the partner tutoring company for the Australian Boarding School Association as well as many of Australia's most prestigious private schools.

The right tutor for each student

We have invested and refined our tutor-student matching with over a decade of research and experience.  We don’t just organise a tutor for our students.  We match all of our students with the right Academic Personal Trainer to ensure that they receive the mentoring and support they need, whatever their goals.  We have tutors all over Australia and we come to you.  In your home, at your school, at a library or location near your home or online, our service is always one on one and always an Academic Personal Trainer matched specifically for each student.  We believe that the foundation of great mentorship and inspiration is a good working relationship, so we work hard to find the RIGHT tutor near you.

"Learning isn't a way of reaching one's potential, but rather of developing it"

-Anders Ericsson

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