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What is the Order of Operations? Definition, Tips & Examples

In maths, the order of operations is a set of rules that helps solve extensive mathematical equations. Understanding the order…

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Online Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring: Which One Is Better for Your Child?

You’ve just returned home from parent-teacher night. The verdict? Low scores in Maths and English. Additional support is no longer…

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Female student working on a discursive essay on laptop with books, pen and paper.

How to Write a Discursive Essay: Structure & Tips

Effective communication is a cornerstone of academic success, and mastering discursive essays is a crucial step in this journey. Essays…

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Female student writing an English essay on laptop in coffee shop

Complete Guide to the 10 Main Types of Essays for Students

Welcome to the wonderful world of essay writing! Throughout your academic journey, knowing how to express your thoughts, ideas and…

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how to get an a in eei

How to Write an EEI: Introduction, Conclusion & Examples

The thought of writing an Extended Experimental Investigations (EEI) often sends shivers down science students’ spines every single year. Whether you’re Year 8 or Year 12, a scientific report can be an intimidating piece of assessment for students to undertake, all tutors know that. We see the stress firsthand from our clients and we noticed they often don’t know where to start their EEI or what to do for each of it’s section let alone how to get a good mark.

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Report card results.

How to Handle a Bad Report Card as a Parent (& Make the Next One Better)

Receiving a bad report card can be a challenging moment for both you and your child. It’s natural to feel…

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Online Tutoring

5 Tips for Studying Online: How to Succeed in Virtual Classes

In today’s educational landscape, online learning has surged in popularity due to its flexibility and convenience. We have seen an…

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How to Study for an Exam: 15 Exam Study Tips for Your Child

As a student, exams are a critical but can be a stressful and overwhelming time. While a lot of content…

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How to Write a High School Resume to Impress Uni Admissions

Do you have your heart set on a particular Uni? Crafting a high school resume that stands out among the…

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time management

Goal Setting and Time Management for Students: Why It Matters

As your students are looking to achieve that ‘A’ grade, it is important to remember that both goal setting and…

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9 Meaningful Parent-Teacher Interview Questions

Is your meeting with your child’s teacher coming up? Here are 9 parent-teacher interview questions to help you get the…

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Help my struggling child. Why consistency is key at school

Why Consistency is Key in School: The Importance of Consistency in Learning

One of the valuable lessons the pandemic has taught us is the importance of consistency in learning. During challenging times…

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