Year 6 Maths Tutoring Takes Chloe from ‘C’s to ‘A’s in Just 5 Months!

At A Team, we aim to provide a sense of enrichment to all our students, whether it may be in the form of academic achievements or personal development. To do this, our tutors are dedicated to instilling motivation and confidence in their students through creative means.

For one of our incredible tutors, Rimaz Toto, such a mindset was extremely effective in transforming one of her Year 6 Math students, Chloe, into a shining star.

Some would say Maths is interesting in the sense that it is a subject that can be explored in so many different ways, and to so many different extents. Others might say that it is the subject they find most challenging, or that they just can’t seem to get their head around it!

Before receiving tutoring from A Team Tuition, Chloe was one of the latter.

As a student who was struggling with Maths in school, Chloe’s greatest weaknesses were comprehending complex Maths questions and understanding how to approach those questions.

Consequently, her parents felt Year 6 Maths tutoring would be of great help to Chloe’s results after discussing it with her teacher.  Primary school maths is the foundation for a student’s entire journey, Chloe was in danger of “giving up on maths” so our mission was to help her engage with the subject and gain confidence in her own abilities.

From C Student to A Student in Five Months

As Chloe’s brother, Harrisa, was already being tutored by Rimaz and receiving great results, Chloe’s parents did not hesitate to seek out A Team Tuition again for Chloe’s Academic Personal Training.

Just as we aim to satisfy all our clients, Chloe’s parents were very content with Rimaz as their tutor: “We all bonded with Rimaz immediately; she is very easy to talk to and Chloe feels very comfortable with her”.

The first step is identifying what is holding the student back

Fortunately, Rimaz identified Chloe’s greatest struggles almost instantly!

“I often found that Chloe would make silly mistakes or not fully understand the question, leaving her confused and stressed. I figured this out during the initial session, where I had printed out some simple straightforward questions and some wordy questions. I found that the straightforward questions Chloe was able to answer confidently, however the wordy questions she was struggling a bit”.

Accordingly, Rimaz brainstormed ideas to tackle Chloe’s weaknesses in Maths.

“In terms of the strategy that I implemented to address Chloe’s struggles, I started practicing straightforward and wordy questions in every session. I would also assign her homework that would allow her to practice the content we had completed during the session. The worksheets that I gave her aligned with similar ones that her teacher gave her, and Chloe was able to build her knowledge through those practice questions and then work on harder wordy questions in the sessions”.

Nonetheless, transforming Chloe did not come easy to Rimaz.

For most tutors, the first few academic personal training sessions are often spent on getting to know their students a little better. This is so that tutors can connect to their students on a personal level, and also to find out their hobbies and habits.

When Rimaz first began tutoring Chloe, she felt a little lost as to where to begin. Though she had previously tutored Chloe’s brother and discovered his study methods, she couldn’t exactly get Chloe’s.

“It took time and after many conversations with Chloe’s mother, we both knew that Chloe knew all the information she needed to know for all her classes, her biggest struggle was practicing those questions and putting the knowledge into context.”

On top of that, Rimaz experienced slight difficulties in stimulating her sessions with Chloe.


Re-engaging maths students is about more than doing the maths!

“The toughest thing with tutoring, in general, is finding a balance between challenging the student but also making the session fun and enjoyable. I found that Chloe was a very hyperactive kid and would often get distracted and hungry very easily.”.

Rimaz revealed that this hindered Chloe’s ability to concentrate and focus 100% of the time during their tutoring session. As a result, Rimaz worked hard to find a balance in her lessons with Chloe, and soon realised that Chloe simply needed some distraction time throughout the session in order to regain her concentration.

“We would often take the occasional breaks and I would ask her questions that were not school related. For example, “what did you buy when you went shopping this weekend?”, “what’s your favourite thing about dancing?”. These questions distracted her from her study and she was able to focus for another 20 minutes before we would have to take another break”.

Accordingly, Chloe noted that “the best part about my tutor is that she is always cheerful,” and “(I) get advice and it is not boring”. Chloe also felt that she began to develop the desire to get better grades, as opposed to before she started tutoring.

Slowly but surely, Chloe’s year 6 maths transformation began to take place. When asked, her parents also confirmed that Chloe’s confidence improved and so did her results.

Undoubtedly, this was largely attributable to Rimaz’s patience, observance and effective academic personal training.

“(Chloe’s) turning point occurred when I realized that the practice questions and homework that I was assigning her was helping her. I tailored the tutoring sessions to meet Chloe’s academic needs and that’s what every tutor should do because once you do that, everything clicks into place and the lightbulb shines”.

As the fruits of her labour, Chloe’s impressive transformation has definitely boosted her confidence and allowed her to become more sociable as well as outgoing in numerous aspects of her life. Rimaz also quickly recognised that Chloe became a lot happier and less stressed out about school upon her steady transformation over 5 months.

Upon appreciating such results, we at A Team Tuition are extremely pleased that Rimaz was the perfect tutor for Chloe, as Rimaz herself revealed:

“I think the reason why I was able to achieve this transformation and not her parents or teachers is because A team equipped me with the skills and strategies that they need in order to assist Chloe. A team helped me identify my strengths and I was able to implement those strengths into the tutoring sessions and use my strengths to help the student improve”.

“Also, I feel teachers are unable to complete this transformation because of the other responsibilities they have. Teachers have to look after a number of students, whereas with tutoring, the tutor’s attention is on the student and their area of difficulty”.

Our tutors are always learning

Remarkably, Chloe was not the only one who was transformed through this time.

“Chloe has allowed me to become more patient and appreciative of everything that I have,” Rimaz commented.

“Chloe vibrates love and happiness and that atmosphere has rubbed off on me and allowed me to become just a happy person”.

Even more, Chloe’s parents were also greatly benefited by the tutoring sessions:

“Homework is a much calmer and happier experience for all of us!!!”

We are extremely proud of Chloe’s transformation from a C to an A in Maths and can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo achieves in the near future!

Not only did Rimaz and Chloe’s story further boost our immense confidence in both our tutors and our clients; it has also certainly imparted to all of us that – anything is possible with the right support, resources, and can-do mindset – even year 6 maths!


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