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Like all our team, our Townsville tutors don't just focus on the curriculum. Our approach to tutoring means focusing on your child as a learner - so they achieve optimum results across their whole academic career.

Our Townsville team works across Northwood, Annandale, Aitkenville and all Townsville suburbs. No matter where your child is located in Townsville, no matter which subject/s they're struggling with, the right tutor is near you now. Our tutors come to you, at home, helping your child feel at ease and ready to learn.

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Why Our Townsville Tutors?

Our exclusive approach to tutoring means our Townsville tutors don't just help your child with homework, assignments and study, we help your child develop a better mindset for learning. Our Townsville tutors learn to identify your child’s preferred learning style and to identify key barriers to academic achievement - barriers including attitude, time management and self esteem.  Developed in conjunction with child psychologists and elite performance coaches, our approach means that A grades are just the beginning. Our tutors help children become better learners.  We focus on changing your child’s entire outlook on study to improve their mindset and set high goals.

Our academic personal trainers are available across Townsville, including South Townsville,  Kelso, Magnetic Island, and further afield across the greater Townsville region.  With more than 200 tutors working across Australia, and online, we'll help you find a tutor to bring out the best in your child.  Never settle for a "tutor near me" - find the RIGHT tutor and transform your child's learning.

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Lia Paige Hiron

Brayden Whalley Done

Brayden Whalley

Taylah watson done

Taylah Watson

Alyssa- Krauner

Alyssa Lee-Knauer


Jayde Peace

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