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As an A Team Tuition Tutor:


You will be paid well for a very rewarding job


We offer 10-30+ hours of tutoring per week – we are the only tutoring entity that does this in Australia


You will change lives and witness student and family transformations


Work whenever you like! We book students around your personal schedule


Develop your client management, consultancy and teaching skills which will put you ahead of the game into your future careers


On average, our tutors grades increase by 10% purely by becoming experts on the learning process


A job where you can actually make a difference and become someone’s hero


You will develop life long friendships and relationships with your students and their families

Still Deciding Whether  This Is The Right Job For You?

A number of our tutors have never had any experience with tutoring prior to working with us. However, they had untapped leadership and teaching potential. We search far and wide for talent and potential not solely qualifications as we believe truly effective teaching is innate.

 FAQ’s of Applicants


Q. Do I Need Experience To Become An An A Team Tuition Tutor?

 You don’t need any previous experience to become an A Team Tuition Tutor. The only thing you need is subject knowledge and we will teach you the rest. If you are unsure about what subjects you can teach, complete the application form with subjects you either completed at school or university.

Q. How Flexible Is The Job Around University Studies?

You choose your hours. You manage your own clients. You are in charge of your own work! The position of an A Team Tuition Tutor has been designed to be the perfect job for university students. After understanding your current schedule, we will only allocate you students that work in with you. We have also found that our Tutors experience a huge increase in their own university grades as they become experts in the learning process and how to apply these principles to their own studies.

Q. How Does The Pay Work?

A Team Tuition works on a ranking system. This means that every hour you work the more points you earn towards your ranking. The more points you get the higher your pay rate. Pay rates are disclosed during stage two of the application process.

See What Our Staff Have To Say:

Brittany McEvoy

It makes me so humbled to be an Academic Personal Trainer with A Team Tuition! Every single time I see my students, I know I have the influence to grow and transform them into the type of person that they aspire to be – no matter what that is! Most of the time, students just need a friend or a mentor who is honest with them, and who can give them the strength and the resilience to learn anything they need or want to learn. The best part about A Team is building a student’s learning strategy, tailored individually to that student, that assures them that they can choose any industry or career they are interested in after school.

Harley Wilkinson

I’ve worked with A Team Tuition for almost three years now doing tutoring on the Gold Coast. My experience with A Team has been unreal – I’ve been able to work and grow with my clients and build meaningful friendships with them, see them achieve results they’ve been striving for, and also immerse myself in the A Team culture. The experience is rewarding and exhilarating, and I’d recommend it to anyone with any interest in education.

Shirja Strachan

I’ve been a part of A Team Tuition for over two years and have loved every moment of it! There is no better feeling than being part of a movement that genuinely affects and changes people’s lives for the better. From the transformation that I see in students, to the wonderful staff that support and encourage me every step of the way, and through to the management staff, who create an incredible culture and working environment – every aspect of A Team Tuition is impeccable and astounding. It is such an honour to be a part of it!

Malcolm Schulstad

I joined A Team Tuition at the recommendation of a friend who thought I would enjoy being a tutor. What really interested me initially was A Team’s approach and philosophy, focusing on coaching and mentoring rather than just “tutoring”. It’s been fantastic working with a business that employs this philosophy, both with the students they help and through the support provided to their staff involved. Being an Academic Personal Trainer has to be one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had.

Troy Balvert

A Team Tuition is the best place out there for tutoring, but also to work in. It has a great family based feel to it, and everyone is super outgoing, easy to get along with and great to work with. The students benefit the most, with personalised one-on-one help in their academic pursuits. It isn’t your basic tutoring; it’s fun, different, and specialised towards each individual with aspects they enjoy in life. Maths can be turned into sports games and sports related topics, which engage the students and make learning fun. I wish I had A-Team when I was going through school. My grades would be different, that’s for sure! It has made a massive improvement to my study techniques from working and helping out students. I cannot talk highly enough of this company.

DJ Alexander

A Team Tuition goes above and beyond! This is the best description of their philosophy. The passion that is shown from all staff – from Hayden, the founder, down to every single Academic Personal Trainer on board – is phenomenal. The transformations that are made with students are life changing; not just in grades, but in attitude and motivation. Could not recommend the company more to anyone and everyone!


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