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  • You will be paid well for a very rewarding job

  • We offer 10-30+ hours of tutoring per week - we are the only tutoring entity that does this in Australia

  • You will change lives and witness student and family transformations

  • Work whenever you like! We book students around your personal schedule

  • Develop your client management, consultancy and teaching skills which will put you ahead of the game into your future careers

  • On average, our tutors grades increase by 10% purely by becoming experts on the learning process

  • A job where you can actually make a difference and become someone’s hero

  • You will develop life long friendships and relationships with your students and their families

Still Deciding Whether Tutoring Is The Right Job For You?

Lots of our tutors come to us with no prior tutoring experience.  We're looking for untapped leadership and teaching potential. As a university student, you know the curriculum. Tutoring techniques can always be taught.  It's our approach to tutoring that demands a talent for inspiring and developing young learners.  That's what we're looking for.  Our training and mentoring program is comprehensive. You will get all the support you need to create exceptional students.

FAQ’s of Applicants

Q. Do I Need Experience To Become An An A Team Tuition Tutor?

In order to become an A Team Tuition Tutor, you need to have subject knowledge. We have a comprehensive in house training program that will teach you all the strategies, activities, and pedagogy you need to be successful! If you are unsure about what subjects you can teach, complete the application form with subjects you either completed at school or university.

Q. How flexible Is the job around university studies?

You choose your hours and you are in charge of your own work! All with the support of our amazing tutor and client success managers who will help you manage your families and personal development! The position of an A Team Tuition Tutor has been designed to be the perfect job for university students.

After understanding your current schedule, we will only allocate you students that are a perfect fit for your speciality, personality, and schedule. We have also found that our Tutors experience a huge increase in their own university grades as they become experts in the learning process and how to apply these principles to their own studies.

Q. How does the pay work?

A Team Tuition works on a ranking system. This means that every hour you work the more points you earn towards your ranking. The more points you get the higher your pay rate. Pay rates are disclosed during stage two of the application process.

Q. Can part-time uni students Apply?

Yes! We offer excellent flexibility for uni students. Your tutoring hours can reflect your course load.  

Q. Is it a part-time job or a casual job?

All of our tutors are casual employees with the expectation that they tutor at least 10 hours per week.  If you're looking for something more flexible, we can discuss your specific needs during the second stage of the recruitment process.

Q. I am not a uni student but am an expert in my subject area. Can I apply?

Most of our tutors are uni students because the connection between tutor and student is vital and uni students understand the pressures of primary and high school students.  However, it is not mandatory to be a current university student to be a tutor with A Team Tuition. We are always after energetic, knowledgeable and approachable tutoring professionals to join our team.  

Q. Where are you looking for tutors?

A Team Tuition is rapidly growing! We are currently seeking tutors in:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sydney 
  • Ipswich
  • Townsville
  • Toowoomba
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Melbourne 
  • Canberra 
  • Adelaide 
  • Perth 

Not in our current recruitment zone? That's OK, our online tutors are based all over Australia and we're always opening up new territories. So get in touch, and watch this space for the best part-time job for uni students, ever!

Q. What subjects will I tutor?

As part of the application process, we will ask you to nominate specific subject areas that you're comfortable tutoring.  Studying something "unconventional" at uni?  That's OK.  We need tutors across a broad range of subject areas, so you'll find your "niche".  

Q. Where do I tutor students?

Most of our customers need a private, in home tutor.  You'll travel to the student, in their own home (within a specific radius of your home/university).  As part of our boarding school and school tutoring programs, you may also work on school campuses.  We also offer online tutoring from our offices or other locations by arrangement.  

Q. Is all tutoring online during COVID-19?

Obviously the safety of our tutor, and our students is the first priority.  We follow government guidelines strictly.  Should a lockdown be declared, all tutors will switch to online tutoring from home.  We have the infrastructure in place to help you, and our students adapt to changes in learning.  

Q. Will I receive training in tutoring?

Training, professional development and ongoing planning is KEY to our study strategies.  A Team tutors don't just 'teach the curriculum" - we provide you with tools to teach kids in the way they best understand, to help them stay focused and motivated, to build a support network around them, and to become passionate about their school work.  That requires training, professional development, mentoring and plenty of support.  We don't hire most of the applicants for our tutoring jobs.  The reason?  We're after people who are passionate about education.  That's how we deliver our cutting edge program.

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Our tutoring jobs develop your client management, consultancy and teaching skills which will put you ahead of the game into your future career.

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