Tutoring Case Study: The Transformation of Mae Le

We are honoured today to shine a spotlight on Mae Le, one of our most diligent, hard-working students to date!

Mae is one of our incredible Year 12 students and has seen an amazing transformation in less than a year of tutoring and mentoring with her A Team Tuition Academic Personal Trainer (APT)! She started this year with her APT Rhianna Lovegrove. Together they were able to form an amazing partnership, which ultimately resulted in Mae graduating with high distinctions, awards in 4 different subjects, a scholarship to Bond, guaranteed admission into Griffith, and a semester of university under her belt!  Mae Le’s diligence and commitment make her a perfect tutoring and mentoring case study of what your child can achieve with the right support.

How tutoring and mentoring helped Mae Le take her grades “next level”

The start of Mae’s year was slightly different to the end of it. She originally called A Team Tuition to organise tutoring and mentoring for four subjects she was struggling in, and to create new study and organisation strategies. Upon first meeting, Mae’s APT Rhianna realised that Mae had the correct desire and attitude towards school – she was simply unsure how to ensure that she would flourish in her work.

“It wasn’t that Mae was making mistakes,” Rhianna remarked. “Rather, she was simply unsure of how to take things to the next level.”

With her APT, Mae set a goal to have a set strategy to achieve what she wanted. Over time, they also focused on growing Mae’s confidence, and how to optimise her communication with her teachers.

“A large part of what I did with Mae was mentoring, and I don’t think she realised this until just recently,” said Rhianna. “I engaged Mae in the process of doing something small every day to move towards her goal, and developed a study plan that had her doing subjects bit by bit, instead of all at once.”

Rhianna is one of our most outstanding APTs, and it shows in the way that she tutored and mentored Mae. She focused on embodying the core values of A Team Tuition – analyse, teach, mentor, and inspire – to ultimately help transform Mae’s life.

Support and Guidance Plays a Critical Role in Student Performance

Together, Rhianna and Mae set goals, improved Mae’s organisation, and discussed her future endeavours, passions, and every day struggles. They caught up for coffee together when Mae was undertaking a Student For A Semester program, and would often have what Rhianna calls “mini counseling sessions”, chatting about anything from personal life topics to Mae’s plan for her future.

“I had to maintain a professional relationship with Mae, but I still ensured that I was a mentor to her. She knew she could always send me a text, or call me to chat, or ask for my help editing an assignment. I don’t think many children or young adults have a person that can both relate to them and their experiences, while also being able to improve their education and mentor them.”

Of course, Mae’s other great partners were her parents and her teachers. After some guidance from Rhianna, Mae learned to push for help and support from her teachers. This resulted in some incredible relationships forming, and Mae’s teachers were happily willing to sit down with her, providing extensive feedback on assessments and work. Her parents were amazing and willing to work with Mae and Rhianna extensively.

“I could see that Mae is extremely close with her mum, Natalia,” said Rhianna. “Natalia has supported Mae wholeheartedly through this journey, and I’ve been so honoured that she has trusted me to help look after Mae’s education. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise!”

The most wonderful thing about Mae’s journey is that it has impacted Rhianna herself.

“Mae has challenged me as a tutor and a mentor, encouraging me in every avenue of life. Seeing her flourish as a young adult makes me really happy, and her transformation has genuinely inspired me! Most importantly, I’ve gained a mentor for life.”

For everyone at A Team Tuition, Mae’s story stands as the perfect example of why we do what we do. From a shy, humble student who had the desire to achieve, but uncertainty as to how, to a now fully transformed powerhouse student, Mae has proved herself capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to.

She is proof that any student, with hard work and the right mindset, can rise above any expected ‘talent level’, and achieve beyond their wildest dreams.


Does your child need a little help to reach their maximum potential?  We’re focused on the right help.  Mae Le is just one of the hundreds of students going “next level” with the right support and guidance. 




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