Paige went from D’s to B’s in One Year!

The senior years of high school, Years 11 and 12, can certainly be an overwhelming time for students. Carefree lunchtimes on the handball courts become distant memories as the emphasis on grades and future careers sharpens. Life becomes a balancing act, with sacrifices a natural consequence. As students around the country feel the pinch of a new wave of exams and assessments, and with many also reverting back to online learning, the story of Paige’s success is a testament to an often-overlooked facet of tutoring: mentorship.

When Paige first embarked on her journey with A Team, she was receiving Ds across the board at school. She was a bright student, but she struggled with her confidence in the classroom and with applying her knowledge, and ultimately wasn’t reaching her true potential. Paige knew that some tutoring might be helpful, but she was a little anxious about not getting along with her tutor, and how it might affect her time to socialise.

I was kind of turned off of tutoring at the very beginning,” explains Paige. “I was worried that I wouldn’t get along with my tutor, and I was also worried that it would affect my social life, as I felt like most of my friends would all be going out and having fun while I would be going tutoring.”

By gaining an intimate understanding of her personality, needs and interests, however A Team was able to assuage Paige’s concerns by setting her up with an Academic Personal Trainer who shared much in common. Paige and her APT, Gold Coast-based Jane Andrews, struck up a wonderful connection from the outset, and very quickly established a mentorship that has helped transform Paige’s approach to her schooling, and keep her fresh and engaged as she approaches her final year.

Jane and I have developed a great connection,” says Paige. “It has become a lot of fun, especially how we are just able to laugh over random things to do with school or life in general. It has also been really helpful when I have tough weeks at school. I feel like I can chat about things with Jane and she helps to give me some perspective, especially because she’s been through it all herself.”

The positive relationship that Paige and Jane have developed has been pivotal to improving Paige’s performance in the classroom. Building on the strategies that Jane shared with her, Paige has been able to apply her knowledge in more specific and sophisticated ways, particularly in English, and has turned her Ds into Bs as a result! As a result of her improved grades, Jane has seen a dramatic change in Paige’s mindset and confidence.

Paige is a very smart young lady who has very insightful ideas,” notes Jane. “Her problem, however, certainly in writing-heavy subjects like English and History, was that she wasn’t supporting her ideas with evidence or expressing them with enough clarity. Over the course of the year we have been working together, Paige has displayed wonderful tenacity and determination to improve. She has been very receptive to the strategies I have shared with her, particularly with seeking help and feedback from her teachers, when previously she was very shy to do so. Her increased confidence has been a thrill to see, and will hold her in great stead for next year!

It’s no secret that confidence is often the key to success, and Paige’s rejuvenated self-belief has her primed for a wonderful final year in 2022. Regardless, at a time in her life when things can quickly become very overwhelming, her time working with Jane has given Paige the gift of laughter, perspective, and most importantly, mentorship