It’s no secret that we tend to like the things we’re good at, and dislike those we’re not. So what happens when we’re forced to tackle those things we struggle with on a daily basis? Well, for Year 11 student Afiyah, her challenges in Maths had an adverse effect on her whole schooling experience.

“I used to dislike going to school,” says Afiyah. “I didn’t have any confidence in the subjects I was studying, and this was dampening my whole school experience.”

It was with Maths that Afiyah was having the most trouble. She finished Term One of Year 11 with a D in the subject, prompting her mother to seek out some extra help as Afiyah entered her senior years.

“Afiyah’s Maths grades were very low, so I decided to get some extra help for her,” Afiyah’s mother says. “I found A Team on Facebook and got in contact with them about setting Afiyah up with a Maths tutor. The communication with A Team was great right from the start. We haven’t looked back.

Afiyah’s Transformation Using Academic Personal Training

Afiyah was paired up with Shreya, one of A Team’s Brisbane-based APTs, and the two have been working together since the beginning of the year. In that time, Afiyah has turned her Maths grades around. She finished Year 11 strongly with a B in the subject, and is now on track to achieve tremendous success in her final year of high school.

Shreya is very proud of Afiyah’s improvement, but admits that things got off to a slow start.

“At first, Afiyah was quite shy. She didn’t like saying she didn’t understand something, and often doubted her correct answers,” recalls Shreya. “Together, we tailored our sessions to target Afiyah’s learning style and areas of weakness – something that a teacher can’t do so easily in the classroom. We started using physical props as a way of simplifying and explaining more complex Maths theories. Afiyah was very receptive to this approach, and since then she has become much more comfortable to discuss any struggles and stresses she may be having.”

Why Academic Personal Training Is About More Than Just Her Marks

For Afiyah, not only has she loved seeing improvement in her Maths grades, but her partnership with Shreya has boosted her confidence – and her results – across the board.

“The biggest difference tutoring has made is to how I feel about going to school. I used to dislike it, but now I feel super confident and I feel like I understand better what I’m learning, and my grades have gotten so much better too!” Afiyah says.

While being delighted with Afiyah’s improvement at school, her mother has also enjoyed seeing her newfound confidence extend beyond the school environment. “Afiyah has become more confident not only with her work, but also in working with other people, and she feels more comfortable in social situations” she says.

As she enters her final year, then, Afiyah is not only well placed to excel in her ATAR, but to enter adulthood full of confidence that she can achieve anything.

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