Advice For Parents of High School Students

VCE Tutor

Why Your Child Needs VCE Tutoring

Does My Child Need a VCE Tutor? As Melbourne parents would be well aware, students studying the VCE are ensconced for…

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Homeschooling tips

Homeschooling Multiple Ages – Tips to Avoid Parent Burnout!

UPDATED 2021 Parents are pulling their hair out over this home-based learning business. It’s adding extra pressure to kids and…

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Children and Parents Struggle With Learning At Home

Tackling the New Challenges of Learning At Home in Queensland

Moving Education Online – An Educator’s Perspective UPDATED 2021 As a trained educator, we learn how to teach people things.…

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Queensland Curriculum

Queensland Curriculum is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Queensland curriculum is undergoing a review, which means that changes are in store for staff and students at Queensland schools.…

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Boarding Schools Canberra

Parents’ Guide to Boarding Schools in Canberra

Choosing the right boarding school is a difficult decision that could impact your child’s future for years to come. A…

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Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM – Inspiring a Love of STEM Subjects

Girls in STEM – Inspiring a Love of STEM Subjects is About Mindset Inspiring a love of STEM subjects (science,…

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ATAR Tutoring Melbourne

Advice to Parents of ATAR Kids from a Melbourne Teacher

I’m A Melbourne Secondary Teacher – Here’s My Advice to Parents of ATAR Kids Welcome to the Danger Zone. The end…

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Melbourne Boarding Schools

A List of Boarding Schools in Melbourne and How to Choose the Right One

Melbourne Boarding Schools – How to Choose the Right School for Your Child Choosing a boarding school for your child…

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Must Read Books For Your High Schooler This Holiday

The days spent inside during the school holidays can go by really slow. Your child will most likely be bored…

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The ATAR System Explained For First Timer Parents

UPDATED 2022 Well, the first years of ATAR were rough ones.  Nothing like the most important year of your school…

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Developing Grit and Resilience

Developing Grit and Resilience – 5 Strategies to Help Your Child!

We are all born with different levels of grit and resilience, but by placing ourselves in challenging situations, we can…

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ATAR tutoring

How ATAR Tutoring Can Help Slipping Grades

HELP! My Year Twelve’s Grades are Slipping! How ATAR Tutoring Can Help COVID-19 and national lockdown laws impacted us all…

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