Advice For Parents of High School Students

Technology and Children’s Education – The Benefits

Think about it… How much do you rely on your mobile phone? How much do you use a desktop, laptop or tablet? Do you wear a smartwatch proudly on your wrist? Do you need to use these for work?…

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Children and Parents Struggle With Learning At Home

How to Transition from Year 11 to Year 12

The last school bell of the year rings. You have finally completed Year 11 and an appealing two months of school-free holiday awaits you. Firstly, congratulations on finishing your second…

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Social media in education

Social Media and Studying – An Unlikely Match

Social media and studying… it all seems counter-intuitive, right?  Social media is a part of everything I do – why…

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How to Help Your Child Succeed at School #3 – Effectively Managing Your Student

When I talk to parents on the phone about how they manage their children, I can practically see their puzzled expression through the phone. It seems like such an odd concept to ‘manage’ a child and often the thought evokes images of bratty sequin covered children and petty squabbles akin to a scene from dance mums. Our parenting expert Janine McEvoy, however, explains that managing your child effectively is one of the most crucial components to their development.

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Why Academic Personal Training Works: Benefits of Private Tutoring

People contact us mostly because they want a specific result: an improvement in their or their child’s grades. Within the…

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exam stress

How To Deal With Exam Stress – 6 Steps To Eliminate Exam Stress

For those of you currently in high school, you will definitely experience the dreaded ‘exam block’ period, wherein you undertake…

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Signs Your Child Is Struggling At School

Every parent at their core worries about their child’s educational journey. No matter the level of achievement they receive, parents seek to make sure that their student achieves even higher, better, and to the standard that they are capable of.

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How To Help Your Child Succeed At School – Being a Student’s Ally

Parents and students are allies, not friends Now, I can already hear some of you flinch at that statement. You…

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how to help my child succeed at school

How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed In School

Every Parent we Talk to Has The Same Question – How do I Help My Child Succeed at School? Ah,…

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motivation for students

How To Help Your Child Succeed at School # 1 – Motivation for Students

Have you ever heard of the old “carrot and stick” technique? It uses a visual metaphor of a person, using…

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