Parents’ Guide to Boarding Schools in Canberra

Choosing the right boarding school is a difficult decision that could impact your child’s future for years to come. A good boarding school can support your child to thrive academically, develop important life skills, and prepare for tertiary education. So how do you choose a great boarding school? Canberra parents read on!  

Canberra Boarding Schools

In Canberra, there are two main boarding schools, Canberra Grammar School and Canberra Girls Grammar School.  

Canberra Grammar School

Canberra Grammar School is a co-educational independent Anglican school, offering great education and various co-curricular opportunities. The school’s programs cater to students from all backgrounds and faiths, though the school community is guided by Christian values. Canberra Grammar School offers both primary and secondary boarding options. 

Canberra Girls Grammar School

Canberra Girls Grammar School is a girls-only boarding school guided by the Anglican faith. The school centres values of inclusion, courage, and integrity, aiming to provide a nurturing educational environment that promotes personal growth and academic success. Canberra Girls Grammar School caters to both primary and secondary students.  

Parents who’d prefer to explore alternative options might look for boarding schools in nearby New South Wales.  

Boarding Schools Canberra

Choosing the Right Boarding School for Your Child

Start by choosing whether you’d prefer your child to attend a single-gender or a co-ed school. Then narrow down your options, taking into account faith, values, and academic specialities. 

Consider the lifestyle and environment of the boarding school you’re planning to send your child to. How many boarders are enrolled, and what accommodation do they live in? Where will your child eat, sleep, study, and relax?  

Learn more about your prospective school’s policies on safety, nutrition, free time, and visitors. Ensure that your chosen school has good emergency procedures and processes for communicating with parents.  

When selecting a boarding school, it’s important that you take education into account, checking whether your chosen school offers high-quality academic programs in the subject areas relevant to your child’s needs and goals. Consider homework policies, staff qualifications, and teaching programs to help inform your decision. If you’re concerned about your child’s academic progress and motivation in your absence, a qualified boarding school tutor may be the right choice. 

Above all, ensure that the boarding school you choose for your child is a good fit for their social, emotional, and academic needs.  

Choosing the right Canberra boarding school is essential to ensuring that your child has the best chance of succeeding and making the most of a boarding school education. By considering your options carefully and conducting thorough research, you can choose a great boarding school in Canberra to support your child’s learning.  

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