Why Your Child Needs VCE Tutoring

VCE Tutor

Does My Child Need a VCE Tutor?

As Melbourne parents would be well aware, students studying the VCE are ensconced for two years in a rigorous, demanding academic program that will test and push them to their academic and personal limits.  

The Challenges of the VCE

For aspiring year 11 and 12 scholars, studying the VCE presents a unique challenge. Time management, access to resources, subject selections at year 10 (with potential changes at 11), subject scaling, the GAT, and keeping an eye on ATAR requirements for dream university courses – all these complications can make this highly complex time in your students’ life a veritable pressure cooker ready to go off at any minute. It’s incredibly stressful for them – and for you.  

Working with a VCE Tutor

Structuring a workable study program, organising time appropriately, accessing wider resources, and planning and preparing for assessment should be the achievable goals your child has in mind for their final two years of schooling in Victoria. As parents, you look for ways and means to support your child, but it can be difficult when you are not a recent school leaver or if you have a limited understanding of the demands of the VCE. You need someone on the ground and on your child’s side.  

And a VCE tutor can most certainly help! 

VCE Tutor

The Tuition Difference

VCE teachers work INCREDIBLY hard to structure and deliver content with study scores and percentages always at the backs of their minds. They mark drafts, give precious time outside of class, respond to emails day and night, and form relationships with your children designed to help them succeed.  

But a teacher is only one person. They cannot offer the kind of one-on-one support with a program that is perfectly tailored to your child’s abilities. VCE tutors can help students of any level of ability tap into the knowledge that their teachers have imparted and make it manageable and workable for their individual learning styles.  

What Your Child Needs

VCE students need help managing their time and prioritising their tasks. They need help approaching content and texts from a different angle that will aide them in understanding subject elements at a deeper contextual level. Your kids need help creating effective study habits that see them delve into their SACs from a mature and learned perspective instead of surface level analysis and knowledge. VCE students need help with their confidence and their motivation, particularly when they hit the ‘slump’ that is term three of year 12.  

VCE students need help. And A Team Tuition has the Melbourne VCE tutors for them.  

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