Caleb Transforms to a 95.6 ATAR After Doing Poorly on the ATAR Mock Exam!

Year 12 is a challenging year for anyone, but it is fair to say that the Class of 2020 faced adversity like none before them, as the COVID-19 pandemic threw the traditional school structure into disarray in the first half of the year. For students in Queensland, not only did they have to contend with the disruptions brought on by the pandemic, but they also had to navigate the State’s switch from the OP system to ATAR – a transition which presented challenges of its own. 

Gold Coast-based TSS student Caleb had always been a high achiever, featuring consistently on his school’s Dean’s list. When he sat the mock ATAR exams in late 2020, however, he and his family were met with a rude shock: Caleb’s results were far from what they were expecting, and in the blink of an eye it seemed like 12 years of hard work might come unstuck at the worst possible moment.

“ATAR really was an unknown quantity in Queensland because no one here had done it before,” says Caleb’s father Bern. “After Caleb received the results of his mock exam, we became really concerned that everything could fall over at the last minute, that after all the effort he’d put in over the years, that suddenly it could all come undone just from a lack of preparedness for the exams.”

Not only had the results of the mock exam shocked Caleb’s parents, it also rocked his confidence, with Bern starting to notice a decline in his son’s work ethic. So, having worked successfully with A Team Tuition in the past, Bern got back in touch to set Caleb up with an Academic Personal Trainer to help him navigate the treacherous terrain ahead.

Caleb admits he wasn’t initially sold on the idea:

“I was a little bit apprehensive at first, to be honest. My parents felt like I needed some support, but I didn’t really see why. I had done really well at school every year. Working with my APT, however, I became much more conscious of the importance of Year 12, and the benefits of giving your absolute all.”

While initially reluctant, it didn’t take long for Caleb to see the benefits of his work with his APT:

“I was immediately impressed! They really knew what they were talking about, and I was blown away by the level of knowledge.”

Bern, too, was impressed, and credited the consistent structure and the ability of Caleb’s APT to extend his knowledge based on his own personal experience as critical to his son’s success.

Ultimately, Caleb performed outstandingly well, achieving an ATAR of 95.60. His renewed confidence, combined with his dedication paved the way for him to get into a Bachelors of Commerce at the University of Queensland.