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Naia Transforms from C’s to A’s While Learning With Dyslexia!

The story begins when Naia’s Mum, Sharon, was researching the best fit for High School for Naia. The school had to have great access to both Tennis and Academics, as…

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The ATAR System Explained For First Timer Parents

UPDATED 2021 Well, the first year of ATAR was a rough one.  Nothing like the most important year of your school life being disrupted by a pandemic!  The ATAR system…

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Music to Help You Stay Awake and Study

True or False – Does Listening to Music Help You Stay Awake and Study

These days, if you walk into a public library, there’s a good chance you’ll find students congregating in crowded silence, buried in their work while earphones and air pods keep…

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The ATAR for midwifery might be higher than you think. Let A Team Tuition help get you started on your pathway to this exciting career.

Find Out What ATAR is Needed for Midwifery in Australia

If your child is hoping to have a future career as a midwife and play a vital role in helping women and families as well as building strong communities, they’ll…

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How to get into the study mindset

How to Get Into the Study Mindset – Here Are Our 6 Tricks

As you go through high school and the study load increases it is important to learn how to get into the study mindset. We’re all familiar with the idea of…

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Considering an HSC tutor for your child? These five questions will help you decide which tutoring service will best suit your child and their individual goals.

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HSC Tutor

If your child is undertaking the HSC and struggling, it might be time to hire an HSC tutor. But how do you know which tutor is the right one for your child?…

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Developing Grit and Resilience

Developing Grit and Resilience – 5 Strategies to Help Your Child!

We are all born with different levels of grit and resilience, but by placing ourselves in challenging situations, we can grow and develop our grit and resilience. If you’ve ever…

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How to study for year 11

How to Study For Year 11 – Our 3 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Year 11

So you’re about to start Year 11, and you are wondering “How do I study for year 11?” Welcome to the business end of school. Not too much longer to…

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So you’ve decided to hire a tutor for your child – but should you go with a tutoring centre or home tutor. Sydney parents, read on to find out!

Tutoring Centres vs Home Tutoring in Sydney – THE HARSH REALITY

If your child is struggling at school, you might have made the decision to hire a tutor – but should you go with a tutoring centre, or go with home tutoring? Sydney…

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ATAR tutoring

How ATAR Tutoring Can Help Slipping Grades

HELP! My Year Twelve’s Grades are Slipping! How ATAR Tutoring Can Help COVID-19 and national lockdown laws impacted us all greatly, but for the students who are completing their final…

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IB DP Tutoring Student and Tutor in Home

Meet Our Team of IB Tutors in Australia

If your child is an International Baccalaureate (or IB) student at one of Australia’s registered IB schools, you’re now well aware of the difficult curriculum and huge workload. Naturally, this can make parents…

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visual learning style

Visual Learning Style Study Tips

People with a visual learning style engage with the world around them first and foremost with their eyes. They pay attention to colours, lines, designs, patterns and spatial parameters. Elements…

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