At Home Tutors Vs Online Tutors – Which Private Tutoring Service Suits Your Child?

At Home Tutors or Online Tutors - which is the best private tutoring service for your child?

Which Type of Private Tutoring Service Will Suit Your Child?

Children benefit in many ways from a private tutoring service, and tutors are not just for children who are struggling in school. A tutor can help your child develop effective study habits and time management, close gaps in learning, and improve grades. Deciding between at home tutors and online tutors is the next step. At A Team Tuition, we offer both! This article will help you figure out if online tutoring or at home tutoring will best suit your child. 

At Home Tutors

Our tutors travel to private homes in key locations across Australia to provide face-to-face tuition for your primary or high school student. At Home Tutors are matched to your child’s personality, interests, and learning goals. 

At Home Tutors provide your child with the opportunity to learn in an environment that is safe and familiar to them.  

Benefits of tutoring at home

  • Your child has access to all the resources they need. 
  • Having the tutor there in the room with them will help your child focus. 

Some children really benefit from having the tutor right there with them. Their presence can help the child stay focussed and on track with their learning. 

It is reassuring to your child to know that they have their tutor’s undivided attention. Any questions are instantly answered, thoughts shared, and “aha” moments celebrated. 

Online Tutors 

An online tutor is available to your child wherever they have an internet connection. This could be at home, on holiday, or hot-spotting laptops to phone SIMs while their sibling is at sports training.  

Our Online Tutors offer the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever fits your busy lifestyle. 

Benefits of online tutoring

  • Available wherever your child has internet access – even on overseas holidays! 
  • Flexible and convenient to fit your lifestyle. 

Children are very connected to their devices. The digital dimension is comfortable and familiar to them, and they have no difficulty transitioning their focus from the world around them to the world on their screen. 

Our online tutors are just the same! No matter the distance between your child and their online tutor, the connections made in virtual face-to-face tuition are just as effective as those made in your home. 

Mix and Match

Choosing between At Home Tutors and Online Tutors is a decision based on your own lifestyle and convenience. What matters most is that your child forms a connection with their tutor to achieve their best learning outcomes. 

Your A Team Tuition private tutoring service can be mixed and matched to suit your changing needs, without changing the tutor your child has bonded with. 

Get your child started with an A Team Tuition tutor today. Get in touch!