Year 7 Tutoring: Why Year 7 Students Should Use a Tutor

How Year 7 tutoring can help your new high school student

Should You Use Year 7 Tutoring For Your New High School Student?

Year 7 is the start of high school for students in Australia. Your child’s Year 6 teachers will do their best to prepare your child for the next stage of their learning journey, but there’s no denying the change is huge. With the new challenges your child will be facing, should you be considering Year 7 tutoring? This article will explain how a Year 7 tutor can support and empower your child, and ease the transition. 

A New Learning Environment

High schools are big! Many of your child’s classmates will be unknown to them, having come from several different primary schools.  

The daily structure is different, with students moving to different classrooms for each new subject, to be taught by a different teacher, who will assign them more homework than they have ever seen before. Even recess and lunch will be different as your child discovers that the playground games they enjoyed only months ago are now considered immature by the older students. 

Those precious first few weeks of learning are often lost as your child focuses on survival: navigating their new environment as friendship groups dissolve and reform and finding their place in the new classroom hierarchy. Sounds dramatic? To your child it is! 

Throw in the complications of a new stage of physical and brain development and you have the recipe for a very confusing and unsettling time.  

Before you know it, you see signs that your child needs a Year 7 maths tutor (for all the formulas that you have forgotten), a Year 7 English tutor, a Year 7 science tutor, and maybe even a tutor for other subject areas, too!  

The Crucial Time for Learning Key Skills

Years 7 to 9 is the period of time when students need to learn to manage their schooling. It is the perfect opportunity to develop the habits required for the rest of their schooling before the work load increases. Our STAR Program is designed to work with your new high schooler to ensure that they understand exactly what they need to do to be successful. It is both theoretical and practical, and the modules allow students to learn the skills of an ‘A’ student while completing their own classwork. This includes building skills such as time management, study strategies, assessment writing, goal setting and managing stress. By identifying these areas for improvement in Year 7, Academic Personal Trainers are able to transfer their skills to students and help them become better equipped learners before the work load increases. 

How a Year 7 Tutor Can Help

A Year 7 tutor is more than just someone who can help your child with their homework. We carefully match each child to a tutor who shares the same interests and has a similar personality so that your child feels comfortable, confident, and understood. 

Along with the STAR Program, your child’s tutor will be able to help with multiple subjects, close gaps in learning, answer questions your child was too overwhelmed to ask in class, and re-teach lessons according to your child’s learning style for better understanding. They will also help your child develop healthy study habits to be able to succeed through all their high school years and beyond.  

Whether you prefer tutoring at home or online, the right tutor will see your child flourish. When your child gets Year 7 ‘right’, they’re off to a great start! 

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