Student Tutor vs Teacher Tutor – Which Will Suit My Child’s Needs?

Student Tutor v Teacher Tutor

Which Will Suit My Child’s Needs – Student Tutor or Teacher Tutor ?

You’ve decided that a tutor is the best thing for your child – but how do you decide between a student tutor, and a teacher tutor? Surely a teacher, with all those years of experience and all those qualifications, is the better option, right? Not necessarily! In fact, it all depends on the needs of your child. 

A Team Tuition has a highly-trained team of experienced tutors – both students themselves or former teachers – so you can choose based on your child’s learning style and goals. Read on to find out how you can make the best decision between a student tutor and a teacher tutor.  

Which tutor is right for your child?

Teacher tutors

Classroom teachers have a tonne of real-world experience – they work with students every day, they create lesson plans for students that are proven to work and that align with the state education system, and they are often more than qualified for their positions. But are they the best option when trying to help children who aren’t getting the most out of the classroom? Kids who are already falling behind in a traditional setting probably need a different approach – and that’s where students come in.  

Student tutors

Having a tutor who is only a few years older can make it more like a mentor/mentee relationship rather than another authoritative figure lecturing at them. This suits kids who are already averse to teachers. It also means that a student tutor has more recently been in your child’s shoes. They know what it’s like to be a school student, what it’s like to navigate that path while dealing with everything else it means to be a young adult, and the challenges and stresses that come along with that. A student tutor is better able to speak your child’s language and develop plans that address their weaknesses and strengths.  

Ultimately, it’s all about getting the right tutor for the RIGHT student. A Team Tuition has a series of checks in place to screen potential tutors. It then trains and supervises new tutors to ensure your child makes progress and receives the information in a language they understand.  

Victoria’s Tutor Learning Initiative

Victoria is the state that has been the most impacted by the pandemic, and nowhere is this more evident than their education system. Most Victorian students spent much of terms two and three learning remotely, and this resulted in students whose learning was severely disrupted. To address this, the state government has put forward the Tutor Learning Initiative to support these students. The tutors must be pre-service teachers, teachers on leave, retired teachers, or casual relief teachers. These tutors will have been trained as traditional teachers, so tutoring remotely will be a new experience. It will be interesting to see the results of next year’s exam results to see how effective the program has been.  

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