Tutoring Students Who Have Dyslexia – The A Team Tuition Model

Dyslexia Tutoring

Tutoring Students Who Have Dyslexia – The A Team Tuition Model

Dyslexia manifests for students in several ways that makes a real impact on both their learning and how they respond to and engage with teaching practice. Tutors for learning difficulties such as dyslexia are primed with professional knowledge and real, workable strategies to assist students to find success and enjoyment with work that they may be having trouble with inside a mainstream classroom setting.  

Tutors at A Team Tuition undergo extensive training and professional development as well as being encouraged to foster relationships with parents and carers to unpack what students require and where they are at with their learning. Our pedagogical approach also connects with the learning that is taking place within the mainstream classroom at school in the hope of fostering a relationship that is designed to promote success and empowerment.  

Dyslexia tutoring near me 

The founder of A Team Tuition was, himself, diagnosed with ADHD while in school and was able to apply learned strategies to allow him to go on to be incredibly successful both in his own schooling and in his pursuits post-school. It was this very application of skills and his inherent success that spurred him on to create a pedagogical approach that allowed all students the opportunity to build on their learning no matter what stage they were at in terms of their educational and cognitive development.  

A Team Tuition provides tutoring for students with dyslexia Australia wideFind a tutor near to you for services that are provided either in the comfort and safety of your own home or via an online learning platform.  

How to tutor a child with dyslexia

A Team Tuition tutors ensure that their content and delivery is rich and relevant for all students. Exciting and engaging activities and fresh approaches to learning are encouraged as our tutors seek to allow students to feel confident and successful in their learning – a mindset they might not have had experience within their mainstream schooling.  

Specific techniques and strategies employed by A Team Tuition tutors include: 

  • One-at-a-time directions that assist with processing and memory deficits 
  • Visual representation of oral instructions 
  • Working with students to process change and time 
  • Staggered approaches to activities that allow students to remain engaged with their learning 
  • Preview and review models that assist with executive functioning and empower students in their processing and learning of new knowledge and skills 
  • Targeted spelling and reading approaches using visual representation to assist with recall 
  • Understanding visual and spatial learning skills via multimedia resources 
  • Assistance with rote learning through visualisation  
  • Adaptable lessons and strategies based on student needs.  

Other common learning difficulties

Kids have unique challenges to learning that they must overcome, whether they are learning barriers or learning difficulties.  Often it is not as simple as overcoming an “I can’t do it” attitude and there are specific methods that will need to be adopted to overcome learning difficulties.   A Team tutors have training in tutoring kids with many common learning challenges including:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) tutoring

Autism Spectrum Disorder tutoring

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tutoring

Dysgraphia tutoring

Dyspraxia tutoring

Exam Anxiety tutoring

Contact us to discuss dyslexia tutoring designed to address your child’s specific and unique learning needs.