What are the benefits of Term 5 Holiday Tutoring?

Holiday Tutoring

Could Your Child Benefit from Term 5 Holiday Tutoring?

Looking forward to the holidays? After a hard year at school, it’s tempting to sit back and leave it all behind during the summer break, but that can really see your child start the new school year at a disadvantage.  

In this article, we’ll tell you all about Holiday Tutoring – or “Term 5” as we call it – and how it can help your child break the struggle cycle. 

Holiday Tutoring in Australia

The summer break is long… as much as 8-weeks long for some private schools. A lot of learning can be forgotten in that time. If your child feels that they finished the school year with gaps in their understanding, holiday learning can give them the confidence boost that they need going into term one. 

Holiday tutoring is not a new idea. International students do holiday tutoring to lay the foundations for future learning, and it is very common in East Asia, especially in Japan and China. 

How Term 5 Accelerator Programs can help your child

Term 5 holiday tutoring is tailored to your child’s specific needs. Wherever your child feels they struggled during the last school year, A Team Tuition’s tutors will create a targeted approach to help them pick up the bits they missed and consolidate their learning. If your child is moving into Year 11 and is concerned about meeting the requirements of ATAR study, holiday tutoring can prepare them with the study skills they need. 

Holiday Tutoring

Term 5 might not be your child’s favourite way to spend the summer break, but our Academic Personal Trainers are matched with your child to share interests and learning styles, making tuition enjoyable and engaging. With times and locations to suit your family, you have the convenience of fitting learning around days out, family events, and activities with friends, so your child doesn’t miss out on any of the fun! 

Holiday tutoring is also an asset for international students returning to learning in Australia. The available programs cover all subject areas including International Baccalaureate, ATAR, and the national curriculum. 

Catch up and get ahead!

Holiday tutoring is not just for catching up on missed learning, and your child doesn’t have to be struggling to benefit from Term 5. Holiday tutoring lays the right foundations for your child to get ahead and stay on top of their learning in the coming year.  

Give your child a flying start for next year with holiday tutoring!
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