Online Tutoring: Sydney Parents’ Solution To Home-Schooling Stress

Online Tutoring Sydney

Sydney Families – Who Wants to Take Home-schooling OFF Their To-Do List?

Take home-schooling off your to-do list with online tutoring! 

The current Covid-19 crisis in Sydney has forced families into home-schooling – and it can be an absolute nightmare! If you’re at the end of your rope after a year full of challenges, A Team Tuition has the answer you’ve been searching for – online tutoring Sydney parents can rely on! Your online tutor is perfectly matched to your child, fully engaged with their school’s curriculum, and are extensively trained. You no longer have to juggle your own work with home-schooling kids of multiple ages – you can focus on what you need to keep your household running smoothly. Your child will develop the skills they need to succeed in school – and maybe even improve on their grades! A Team Tuition can get your child back on track with online tutoring. 

How will online tutoring help?

Overwhelmed and overworked parents in Sydney’s recent (and seemingly never-ending) lockdown are finding it increasingly hard to meet the demands required by their children’s home-schooling schedules. Enter online tutoring! Sydney parents are anxious about being their child’s only teacher, especially when they may not have the skills required to help their children succeed. How are you supposed to motivate your child to stick to a study schedule when you aren’t feeling all that motivated yourself? It’s an impossible task! But one that A Team Tuition’s tutors are extensively trained for. 

Lockdown Tutor

We work with you, the parent, as well as with your child and their teachers to create the perfect environment for academic success. We’ll help your child develop a strong, positive attitude towards learning, which will help them battle the challenges online learning can pose. These can include retaining their focus during an online class or remaining motivated. Our lessons are also custom designed to address any issues your child may be having with their schooling. An individualised approach to learning can make a huge difference in a child’s ability to comprehend the schoolwork assigned to them. We’ll uncover your child’s learning language and develop a strategy for success that is ideal for them. 

Our online tutors are also extensively trained at using the technologies needed for online learning – which may be tricky for some kids and is definitely tricky for some adults. This will give students a sense of security, and they’ll spend their time learning what they need from their curriculum, instead of troubleshooting Zoom.  

Contact A Team Tuition today and lock in a new online tutor for your child – lockdown will be so much easier for everyone!