ATAR for University Admissions

Have your sights set on becoming an Optometrist? Learn what ATAR for Optometry is required for this highly competitive field.

What are the Optometry ATAR Requirements?

For students looking for a healthcare related career that is relatively low stress, is highly patient focused, and has excellent…

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ATAR for Physiotherapy

What ATAR is Needed for Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a highly sought-after career as it offers an active and varied day to day work life. It’s the…

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Discover What ATAR Music and Sports Stars Need to Follow Their Dreams

Does your child dream of playing their favourite sport in a stadium packed full of fans, or performing on stage…

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ATAR for Architecture

Find Out What ATAR is Needed for Architecture

Architecture often appeals to students with an aptitude for design and creativity as well as excellent problem-solving abilities and communication…

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Learn how you can achieve the minimum ATAR for Occupational Therapy in Queensland and start your journey of helping others to live their best lives!

What is the ATAR for Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists play a very important role in working with people of all ages and abilities to overcome physical, psychological…

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ATAR for Medicine

ATAR For Medicine: Score Requirments For Each University

Thinking about studying medicine? A career in this prestigious field is an admirable goal for any student to set themselves.…

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High School Rankings Under ATAR - What will change?

How Will High School Rankings Change Under ATAR?

This year is the first year that Queensland students will go through the ATAR system. The impact on high school…

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What ATAR do you need to become a dentist in Queensland?

What ATAR Do You Need To Become A Dentist In Australia?

In Queensland, Dental School is by far one of the most challenging and competitive programs to be admitted to directly…

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ATAR English - Which English Subject Should I choose?

ATAR English For Year 12: Everything You Need To Know

During Years 11 and 12, there’s one subject you can’t skip if you want to be eligible for an ATAR.…

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ATAR for nursing

ATAR For Nursing: What ATAR Do You Need For Nursing?

Across Australia, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the standard to measure one student’s academic achievement in relation to…

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Electrical engineer ATAR

What ATAR is needed for Electrical Engineering?

Updated 2022 Is your child thinking of becoming an Electrical Engineer? ATAR scores matter! With the new ATAR system coming…

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Sydney tutoring

Could 1-on-1 Sydney Tutoring Help Your Child Prep for the ATAR?

As the world reopens and life slowly returns to normal, schooling is a top priority.  After months of learning from…

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