ATAR For Medicine: Score Requirments For Each University

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Thinking about studying medicine? A career in this prestigious field is an admirable goal for any student to set themselves. And the quest to become a doctor begins in secondary school by achieving the required ATAR for medicine. 

Medicine has a reputation for being one of the most challenging and competitive university programs to gain entry to. For most programs, students will not only need to meet the academic requirements, but many schools also require students to sit the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) and the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) , attend an interview, and submit a written application. In addition, medical student hopefuls will also have to navigate the changes to admissions criteria going from the Overall Position (OP) system to the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

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What is the ATAR for Medicine in Queensland?

The ATAR for medicine depends on which path students choose to get their medical degree. Bond, Griffith, UNSW,  James Cook and the University of Queensland all have designated medical faculties which are highly competitive. The minimum requirement for these schools has been equivalent to an ATAR of 93-99+ in recent years. However, completing an undergrad degree in Biomedical Science/ Medical Science at one of Queensland’s other universities can often be a stepping stone to gaining entry into medical school and often allows for a lower ATAR score.

What is the ATAR for Medicine in NSW and Canberra? 

For students wishing to study medicine in New South Wales, they will need to achieve an ATAR above 90 and in most cases in the mid-90s or even higher. Although some of the universities have separate entry schemes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and students coming from rural areas, the required ATAR for medicine is still very high and will require the very best grades in Years eleven and twelve in high school.  

The pathways to medicine offered in Canberra may not be quite as competitive, but if your child is set on going to one of these schools, they still have to put their very best foot forward as entry placements are limited. If your child needs a little extra support in achieving top grades in New South Wales or Canberra, our team of elite tutors is here to help.  


Medical Schools in NSW and Canberra:

Macquarie Bachelor of Clinical Science/ Doctor of Medicine

  • The minimum ATAR for this pathway is 90 

Monash University Bachelor of Medical Science/ Doctor of Medicine 

  • The minimum ATAR for general applicants is 95.4 and 94.1 for rural applicants 

University of New England/ University of Newcastle Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine  

  • The ATAR for medicine for this program is 94.30 for general admission and 91.40 through the rural bonus ATAR scheme  

University of New South Wales Bachelor of Medical Studies/ Doctor of Medicine 

  • This combined 6-year degree requires an ATAR of 96.2 for local entry and 91.05 ATAR for the Rural Entry Scheme 

University of Sydney School of Medicine 

  • In 7 years, students can graduate with either a Bachelor of Arts/ Doctor of Medicine or Bachelor of Science/ Doctor of Medicine degree.  
  • With one of the highest ATARs required in Australia, students will need a 99.95 ATAR for entry or an ATAR of 90 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 

Western Sydney University/ Charles Sturt University Doctor of Medicine

  • The minimum ATAR for medicine for this program is 93.5 for Greater Western Sydney applicants and 95.5 general outside of Greater Western Sydney 

Australian National University – Bachelor of Health Science 

University of Canberra – Bachelor of Medical Science

  • U of C offers a Bachelor of Medical Science undergrad program with a lower ATAR than the other universities in this area. (Selection rank 60) 


What is the ATAR for Medicine in Victoria? 

In Victoria, competition can be fierce to get into the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Medicine graduate program as it’s the only one of its kind in the state. Medical student hopefuls can choose a 3-year undergrad degree in either Biomedicine or Science prior to grad school. Biomedicine requires a minimum ATAR of 92 (95 for guaranteed entry) and a minimum of 85 is required for Science (88 for guaranteed entry). However, this does not secure a spot in the Doctor of Medicine graduate program. To secure your spot in this elite course straight from high school, students will need to achieve an ATAR of 99 or above and then complete their undergraduate degree while maintaining a minimum weighted average mark of 75%, pass all of the prerequisite subjects on the first attempt and successfully complete the interview process. With only one school to choose from in the entire state, our Melbourne based team of highly skilled educators is here to help even the best students achieve their highest potential and have the very best shot at securing a place in medical school.  

What is the ATAR for medicine in Western Australia?

In Western Australia, there are two universities offering pathways to becoming a doctor – the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtain University. Curtain offers a 5-year Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery degree requiring a minimum ATAR of 95. UWA hopefuls can explore gaining entry into an undergrad program such as a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (minimum ATAR of 80 required) or if they have an ATAR of 99 or higher, they can apply for direct entry providing they also sit the UCAT and pass the interview. A Team Tuition in Perth can help instil the confidence and drive that they need to succeed in such a highly competitive field of study and be ready to take on a career in medicine. 

What is the ATAR for medicine in South Australia? 

The University of Adelaide offers a 6-year combined Bachelor of Surgery/ Bachelor of Medicine degree. Like Victoria, South Australia only has one university offering this field of study so gaining entry is as competitive as it gets. Students will need to aim for an almost perfect ATAR to be admitted into this program as the most recent median ATAR to receive an offer was 99.25 and the lowest to receive admission was 93.7. Let our team of tutoring experts in Adelaide help your child reach their highest potential and be on their way to a highly rewarding career in medicine.   

What is the ATAR for medicine in the Northern Territory  

Flinders University offers a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/ Doctor of Medicine degree program which enables high school graduates without an undergraduate degree to pursue a career in medicine. Places in the Northern Territory Medical Program are generally reserved for Northern Territory and Indigenous applicants who are prepared to work in the Northern Territory for at least four years after graduation. This highly competitive program requires an ATAR of 95 or higher, although most recently the lowest accepted ATAR was 96.5. 

Charles Darwin University also offers a direct pathway to medicine through their Bachelor of Clinical Sciences course (ATAR 90 or higher for general admission – 85 adjusted ATAR for indigenous students) as part of the double degree program mentioned above offered by Flinders University. 

Entry to these courses demands the very top high school grades so our team of tutors is on standby waiting to help your child make their dreams of studying medicine become a reality.    

What is the ATAR for medicine in Tasmania 

The University of Tasmania offers a combined 5-year Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery with years 1-3 of the course taking place on-campus in Hobart at the Medical Science Precinct. In the last two years, students will carry out short placements in rural communities around the state. Like other programs around the country, the minimum required ATAR is very high at 95. However, The University of Tasmania medical program has a quota of 50% domestic rural students and ATAR adjustment factors are available to these applicants through the  Rural Application Process (RAP). 

If you have a medical student hopeful who needs a little help reaching their goals, A Team Tuition in Hobart is here to help.  

Aiming to get a top ATAR SCORE? You need to know this.

Calculating your ATAR Score for a Medical Degree

Calculating the ATAR is complicated at best and can often be viewed as being unfair at first glance. There is a series of components that go into the calculation, including a student’s individual exam and assessment marks, and how they rank in their class and in their school. Scaling plays a big role in the process as well and is determined using many factors including the number of students and average exam marks. The ATAR is then calculated from a total of scaled marks to achieve an aggregate mark – or ATAR. To get a thorough understanding, QTAC has created a guide to calculating ATAR. However, our cheat sheet on understanding how ATAR works might be the best place to start. 

Is your child concerned that they won’t have the ATAR they need to become a doctor?

As medicine is one of the hardest courses to get into, students need to do whatever it takes to achieve top marks (particularly in maths and science) – and the earlier they start preparing, the better. The ATAR system may feel daunting for some but help is available should your child feel that they need a little extra boost in achieving the grades required to go to medical school. 

If your child needs a little extra help getting top marks to get into a medicine course, then see how they can get an A in Maths and Science subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

How to achieve the ATAR for Medicine

When it comes to achieving the required ATAR for medicine, there is no room for error. Entry into medicine is highly competitive and will require endless hours of rigorous studying and dedication to achieve an ATAR of 99 that is required for some medical programs. In such a competitive field, it’s more important than ever to help your child feel confident and ask for help if they have any concerns. A Team Tuition has a highly skilled team that can assist high school students in achieving any goal they set their sights on.  We can help to improve confidence, mindset and attitude – all crucial when dealing with the seemingly impossible high pressures that come with applying to med school. We’ve got your back.


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