What is the ATAR for Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists play a very important role in working with people of all ages and abilities to overcome physical, psychological or emotional limitations caused by injury or illness, developmental delays, or the effects of ageing. As qualified health professionals, they help people to gain independence and lead happy and productive lives. As there seems to be a growing need for Occupational Therapists, thankfully there are quite a few universities offering degree programs in this field. Navigating the entry requirements needed to get into these schools may be confusing for those students and parents who are still trying to figure out the new Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) system, but this simplified guide to  understanding how ATAR works is an excellent starting point.

What is the required ATAR for Occupational Therapy?

The minimum ATAR for Occupational Therapy varies greatly from school to school, ranging from about 60 all the way up to 92, and it’s common for entrance requirements to vary from year to year depending on how many students apply to the program at each school. Some universities may have additional selection criteria that must be met outside of a student’s ATAR score, while others may also offer alternative pathways that don’t require an initial ATAR score at all. Prerequisite subjects for Occupational Therapy generally include English and at least one science course. If your child needs a little extra help in either of these areas, our highly skilled tutoring team that doesn’t just focus on marks, but building mindset, support, and strategy, can help them to achieve top marks in these subjects so they’ll be well on their way to studying at the post-secondary school of their choice in no time. 

Is your child concerned that they won’t have the minimum ATAR for Occupational Therapy required to get into the university program of their choice?  We can help!


Calculating your ATAR Score for a degree in Occupational Therapy

Students and parents across the state are slowly adjusting to the new ATAR system, however, fully understanding how a student’s ATAR is calculated can still be confusing. The ATAR calculation is explained in detail in the  guide to calculating ATAR and involves a complex calculation of a student’s assessments and exam marks, school rankings and scaling. Most often, a combination of English, Maths and Science options are used to calculate the ATAR for Occupational Therapy.

How to get into Occupational Therapy without an ATAR 

If you don’t have the required ATAR for Occupational Therapy, there are still options. Many universities offer bridging courses and other alternate pathways to gain entry. You may be able to take a bridging course for a certain prerequisite subject, take a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), or look at a tertiary studies pathway. For information on a specific school’s available programs, contact their admissions offices directly to see what options are available for your child. 

Achieving the ATAR for Occupational Therapy Starts Here

Although there is a relatively large range for the required ATAR for Occupational Therapy among universities offering this program, getting into the school of your choice can be competitive. If your child has their mind set on a certain school or location, they will need to ensure that they do their very best to achieve the highest ATAR that they can. If your child needs a little extra help reaching their full potential in a particular subject or if they could use a boost in confidence or motivation, A Team Tuition’s team of highly skilled educators can create a customised program just for your child. Our holistic approach to tutoring not only teaches the content required to succeed in ATAR, but build’s your child’s mindset, support and strategy so they have the best chance of success. 

Occupational Therapy is an exciting field and regardless of what the posted minimum ATARs are, you should encourage your child to strive to achieve the highest marks possible in their final high school years to have the best chance of getting into the program of their choice. If your child is looking for a fulfilling career in helping others through a holistic approach, let A Team Tuition help them meet and exceed the minimum ATAR for Occupational Therapy at the school of their choice so they can start helping others to live their best lives possible.