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Along with the Tutor Resource database that all of our Academic Personal Trainers have access to, here are a few more articles, stories, and resources for tutors

A Team Tuition

Tutoring Jobs for University Students

University can often feel like an “in-between” space in one’s life, where you’re not quite at the career you’d like, but also focusing strongly on making your way there. The frustration in this time is finding a good job that works well for you and your interests, paying you well, but which also allows you to maintain a healthy study schedule.

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My Answer When Asked Why I Became an Academic Personal Trainer

It’s a Monday night in November. It’s dark outside, in spite of the lengthening days. I’m frantically putting together the…

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Why I Joined A Team Tuition as an Academic Personal Trainer

Before I found A Team Tuition, I did not have the best first-job experience! Like most teenagers that graduate high-school,…

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Why I Became An Academic Personal Trainer

As a people person, I am always on the hunt for opportunities where I can meet, interact and make a difference in the lives of those around me. That’s where the incredibly rewarding role as an APT…

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Academic Personal Trainer - Part Time Jobs Available

Why I Became an Academic Personal Trainer & The Benefits of Being a Tutor

As an enthusiastic learner, I will always jump at every opportunity to enhance my learning experience. With that being said, when provided with the amazing opportunity by A Team Tuition…

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Part time tutoring jobs

How a Part Time Job for University Students Changed My Life

Tutoring may just be the ultimate part-time job for students.  There’s nothing like NOT flipping burgers for minimum wage.  Tutoring…

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