Why I Became An Academic Personal Trainer

As a people person, I am always on the hunt for opportunities where I can meet, interact and make a difference in the lives of those around me. That’s where the incredibly rewarding role as an Academic Personal Trainer with A-Team Tuition comes in!

Making a difference in the lives of others is such a passion for me and I love seeing the changes not only in my students’ academic lives but also, in their personal attitudes and confidence.

When I was a student in high school, I was incredibly unmotivated and disinterested in achieving to the max of my academic potential.

This all changed once I met an English teacher who quite literally changed the course of my academic future. Through becoming engaged and interested in her classes, it had a flow-on effect throughout the rest of my schooling life. One person had planted the seed of desire to work tirelessly at being the best I could be, and this is still impacting me now.

Through endless study, commitment and hard work – I transitioned from a low achieving student lacking motivation to a high achieving, extremely motivated student! This shift in my thinking occurred because of one-persons dedication. Since then, I have felt the call to give back what I received to students who are in the same position I was.

Becoming an Academic Personal Trainer with A-Team has really enabled me to fully immerse myself in helping students be the best that they can be in every aspect of their lives. Through providing help and support with their academics.

Why I Wanted to be an Academic Personal Trainer

Prior to beginning with A-Team I had a desire to work within an environment which facilitated growth, challenged me to be more and was a community of like-minded people.

Tutoring is a job which is truly unique in its way to provide personal growth whilst you simultaneously help those you tutor experience growth in their academic and personal lives.

These benefits have become particularly apparent through my approach to assignments and the ability to look at situations and think in ways which differ to how I would originally think. In my opinion, this can all be attributed to the exposure to different opinions and thoughts you receive whilst tutoring!

Maintaining a consistent, reliable relationship with the students I work with is very important and something which can be easily managed with support from the A-Team staff.

Being a university student allows me to shuffle sessions around to best suit my clients. Vice versa, to suit any busy periods I encounter with exams and assignments. It’s a win-win!!

The structure of the tutoring sessions is an aspect which is truly rewarding as it allows for the comfortable sharing of ideas whilst facilitating a safe, collaborative environment for both the tutor and student.

How Academic Personal Training Can Help Your Child

Through the one-on-one help between student and tutor, it is so amazing to see the students open up and ask questions which they otherwise would not ask in a class environment. To observe the increase in thirst for information and natural curiosity about the world around them is super exciting to be a part of.

The individualised nature of tutoring means that no two sessions are the same. Therefore, providing an awesome opportunity to form friendships with those who you are tutoring. This makes it always exciting to go to work – who wouldn’t want to spend time helping their friends?

The flexible nature of tutoring means that should a student need extra help with a concept its crazy simple to add-on another session which fits with the schedules of all involved. This is a super cool aspect as a tutor with A-Team because of the online booking interface which is easy to use. This means that all the scheduling info and data you need is right at your fingertips, super handy when life gets a bit hectic!

Furthermore, the joy of seeing a student fully grasp a concept after working so hard is truly incredible. Observing the satisfaction and pride that they have not only in themselves but also, in their work never fails to make my heart burst with pride over how hard the student has worked!

Why Becoming an Academic Personal Trainer is a Good Career Move

Being a tutor is a brilliant step towards your future career choice! The ability to gain lasting interpersonal skills and connections is an awesome aspect of the job. Teaching others whilst gaining valuable life experience and skills? Can’t get much better than that!

There are endless opportunities for personal growth within the various facets of tutoring. A prime example of this is the epic time management skills you receive from being a tutor! Learning to fit in and timetable various client’s sessions, personal university work, extra-circulars, and personal activities – is a truly valuable skill.

Alongside time-management skills which you can gain from being a tutor, the ability to understand how to work within a team and with people who have different learning styles from yourself. This understanding can be applied to daily life and future career choices. This is a vital skill which I utilise on a daily basis!

Being an Academic Personal Trainer is a rewarding job beyond what I ever thought possible. To have the opportunity to aid in increasing students understanding of various academic concepts whilst providing both academic and personal support is a truly amazing experience.

To be able to make an impact on someone’s life by doing something which I am passionate about gives me an enormous amount of thankfulness for this awesome opportunity.

Whenever I go to work, it is always a diverse, interesting and exciting experience, no two sessions are ever the same! This is due to having the opportunity to connect with the students and utilise the session to awaken their natural creativeness and curiosity. Consequently, assisting in helping the students achieve the very best of their abilities.

At the end of the day, there are 101 reasons why I became an Academic Personal Trainer with A-Team Tuition. However, the most significant of these is the ability to work and help make a difference within the lives of those you tutor. There is no better experience than absolutely loving going to work each day!

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