How a Part Time Job for University Students Changed My Life

Tutoring may just be the ultimate part-time job for students.  There’s nothing like NOT flipping burgers for minimum wage.  Tutoring allows you to explore your career options, to inspire a younger version of you and to get some part-time dollars while you complete your degree.  There’s a reason it’s well known as the best part-time job for university students. For me, my university part-time job turned out to be more than just a way to earn cash without smelling like fries.  Part-time jobs are a necessity for most, but only a select few use the opportunity to gain experience while they’re studying at uni. Our dream employers always ask us in interviews what experience we have gained while at university and unfortunately, our answers rarely satisfy their requirements.

Rather than tell you explicitly what skills and experiences I have gained through working with A Team Tuition, I want to take you through my journey and how my time led me to my dream job. Hopefully, you are somewhat inspired by this blog to use your time at university effectively and that A Team Tuition can be the pathway to your dream career.

Want to join the A Team?  We are constantly growing, and that means recruiting for part-time jobs for university students on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, Sydney, Ipswich and Toowoomba.


Not all Part-Time Jobs for Uni Students are Created Equal!

Finding a part-time job as a uni student isn’t easy.  Finding a great one isn’t impossible…but it can make a big difference.  When applying for part-time work, uni students first run to restaurants, bars and retail.  As an older student, you’re still faced with cost-cutting budgets that mean you’re last to be rostered on when there are 16-year-olds available.   While there are transferable skills in just about every job, a tutoring position gives you a broader, and often more relevant skill set to take to interviews.  My biggest tip:  the employer matters.  If you’ve ever worked in a large fast-food corporation, you’ll know that the resources for workers don’t extend to free fries at lunch, let alone a passionate and personal reference. Not all part-time jobs for university students are created equal – some will help you fast track your career.