Tutoring Jobs for University Students

University can often feel like an “in-between” space in one’s life, where you’re not quite at the career you’d like, but also focusing strongly on making your way there.

The frustration in this time is finding a good job that works well for you and your interests, paying you well, but which also allows you to maintain a healthy study schedule.

Finding good jobs for uni students can be one of the most difficult processes to go through. Often university students believe that they have to take a ‘dead end’ job to help get them through their studies – jobs with little benefit other than receiving money for your time (and often at quite a low pay rate!).

This is especially true of most part time or casual jobs for uni students.

Tutoring, however, provides far more opportunities and benefits – all of which are outlined below, as well as some specific benefits that working with A Team Tuition provides.

Furthermore, while some tutoring companies only accept applicants who received an OP 1-5 and have experience in almost every subject, our goal at A Team Tuition is not to hire people simply for their intelligence.

We provide a job for uni students with little to no experience needed, because our focus is on a person’s character, values, and attitude towards teaching and mentoring others. If you have a passion for helping others and influencing lives, tutoring is absolutely the best job for you!

We’d love to bring five reasons why being an A Team Tuition Academic Personal Trainer, specifically, is the absolute best job for a university student:

The Flexibility of Tutoring Jobs for Uni Students

For any university student jobs can be a hard balancing act! Balancing a university schedule with a part time job can be incredibly difficult, particularly if that job is irrelevant to your future career. You have to be able to give adequate time to studying, while maintaining an income, and then hopefully working in some semblance of a personal/social life!

Trust me – as a university student myself, I completely understand the struggle!

But working as an A Team Tuition APT, that struggle is pretty much non-existent.

How often and how long you work for is entirely up to you! Tutoring predominantly occurs after school hours or on weekends, which allows our staff to pursue their studies without having to skip on important commitments.

Our APTs are also in complete control of managing their students, which allows them to adapt schedules and tutoring sessions as necessary. Your transformative tutoring sessions take place in times that work best for you – allowing you to have your perfect work, study, and social schedule all organised according to what you need!

The Support We Provide for Uni Students With A Tutoring Job 

Too often in a work environment – especially in hospitality or retail jobs – university students simply come under a manager who guides them towards following the rules and doing their job right.

Our passion at A Team Tuition is helping people create transformation in their lives. This doesn’t just mean our students and their families – we want that for our APTs and staff as well.

Our tutoring staff have a team manager that checks in with them every week, and stands as their first point of call for any questions they have or help they need. We don’t believe in having management figures who lord over staff week by week – every Success Manager is humble, compassionate, and driven to see our staff absolutely smash not only their work with students, but also their university work and personal goals.

The weekly check-in for staff is not focused on ticking off a checklist, but rather on exploring the personal development of each APT, tailored to their specific experience. This journey helps our APTs transform and grow in areas they choose, becoming absolute superstars in their careers and degrees!

Behind the team managers we also have sales and processing staff who are focused on getting our APTs the best possible hours and work environment, and are themselves ready to help support and guide APTSs when they need it.

Of course, all of this is done under the leadership of our incredible CEO Hayden McEvoy, who fuels the vision for our entire company.

Together, we as management organise four Team Meetings a year, where our staff can socialise and be passionate about their careers, university experiences, and build friendships with other APTs. We also have an amazing End of Year gathering where we celebrate together, handing out awards for our incredible staff and reviewing the wonderful year we’ve had.

Tutoring has the potential to feel like a solo job, and create loneliness. We’ve had so many staff that came from different tutoring companies, who mentioned that a lack of support and mentoring made them feel alone and unvalued.

Our focus is to completely remove any and all possibility for that to occur. We are passionate about providing human connection for all our staff, and having a stable support network that APTs can rely on at any time.

This sets up our staff to chase success, because they know that no matter what, there is a group of people behind them, ready to support them at any point!

The Opportunity to Improve Yourself As A Uni Student With A Tutoring Job 

Believe it or not, tutoring actually helps you improve your own university ability!

One of our key APTs, Brittany McEvoy, noted that before she started tutoring, she was averaging credit marks (5’s) – but after a few months of working with A Team, she had bumped her own grades up to distinctions and high distinctions (6’s and 7’s)!

“The more I taught students to be motivated and follow the A Team Tuition CAS (Creating A Students) Program, the more I became motivated myself to achieve better, and work harder. In encouraging and pushing them, I started to push myself – and I got genuinely incredible results from it!”

It’s a proven science, as well, that teaching others helps build knowledge recollection. Through teaching others, your brain shifts information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

We allow our APTs to choose the subjects they specialise in, meaning that their tutoring subjects often align to what they’re studying! For myself, I study English as a part of my Bachelor of Arts – so it’s obvious that I would tutor students for English!

This means that my English knowledge and understanding constantly builds, because I’m always teaching someone else how to write better, fix their grammar, or how to structure their work.

I had an experience recently where I tutored a Year 12 student on the play Othello by William Shakespeare. By helping him build his understanding of the plot, the Shakespearean dialogue, and create a stellar essay out of it, I built my own understanding and knowledge. This helped so much when I ended up having to write my own essay for it at uni, and found myself to be miles ahead of the rest of my tutorial class!

It’s not just your content knowledge that improves. Most importantly, since becoming a part of A Team Tuition, my understanding of how my brain works and the best learning methods for me has skyrocketed. I am able to adapt any piece of university class content to a format that allows me to learn efficiently and effectively – essentially optimising my study habits and outcomes.

My time management skills have also flown through the roof – which has definitely helped with university! Through your experiences with A Team, you learn how to best balance the various elements in your life, all while also having supporting figures (such as your Team Managers) to help you when you struggle to structure yourself.

The Prospects Available For A Team Tuition Uni Students Who Tutor

The best part about the group of people that form the support network – in other words, our management staff – is that they are not hired from outside the company, but rather have been APTs themselves!

Our CEO, Hayden McEvoy, is incredibly passionate about identifying people’s dreams and hidden talents, and helping them grow in their potential. For this reason, when hiring new members of management, Hayden focuses on interviewing APTs who have shown excellent leadership skills, and a drive to support and help others.

“The biggest thing I’m focused on creating in A Team is a good culture. It’s so important that management staff stand as the strongest examples of our company’s culture, because they help create and influence culture in our staff,” Hayden states.

“So we hire existing APTs for management positions because they have a solid understanding of our company culture, and show it clearly.”

For this reason, there is always something to strive and aim for. We are so proud to have amazing staff and an amazing management team, and constantly seek to provide new opportunities for people to grow and prosper! Not all jobs for university students have this!

Get a University Job That has an Impact on Others

With our staff encouraged by the emotional support available to them, fuelled by the flexibility of work and opportunities that A Team provides, and motivated by the experience and understanding they’re garnering, they automatically turn into absolute superstar APTs!

This leads to possibly the greatest part of working with A Team Tuition – the transformation of a student’s life.

Of all the APTs I’ve ever spoken to, the number one thing they’ve loved about working with A Team is the growth that they see in their students.

“It actually changes you and changes your life, to see that transformation,” says Katy-Maree Ryan, one of our superstar APTs (who has recently also attained a management position in our sales and bookings team).

“It’s not just the transformation from a C grade to an A that is amazing to see. It’s the transformation that happens in all areas – when a student starts to believe in themselves, and want to work harder to achieve their dream.”

A recent blog article by us notes the transformation that one of our incredible students, Mae Le, went through with her APT Rhianna Lovegrove. What was the best for Rhianna, though, was not just Mae’s grade jump from a B to an A+ in four subjects – it was that Mae transformed as a person, from a shy person who felt lost at times, to someone who has now found the confidence to explore the purpose and direction of her life.

“Perhaps most importantly, I’ve gained a friend,” Rhianna mentioned.

And that is true of all our APTs and their students. They form a mentoring partnership that not only grows the student, but also the APT. It is a beautiful friendship that is unlike anything else you would ever experience, and it provides so much joy and fulfilment.

And that is the truth that every A Team Tuition Academic Personal Trainer feels – working with this company provides you with new opportunities and development in areas, but it’s also just an amazing bundle of fun! You are always learning, always growing, and absolutely always having fun.

If you feel like this is the perfect place for you, feel free to submit an application to Join Our Team. On the application page, we have included a free Job Description document, outlining the role and expectations of an Academic Personal Trainer.

We look forward to receiving your application, and seeing you become a part of a movement that is absolutely changing the face of education as we know it!