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how to get an a in history

7 Tips On How To Get An A In History

Whenever I say history in a tutoring session, it’s usually followed by an “ughhhhh.” History isn’t all that bad though! In fact, it’s a highly important subject to take in…

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Year 9 Boy Receives First Ever A+

At A Team Tuition, we know that establishing healthy study habits as a foundation for learning is not simply ‘important’ – it is absolutely vital for developing success. This is…

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5 Great Back to School Tips and Tricks For Students

With a new year comes a new load of successes, challenges, and adventure – and, just around the corner, a brand new year of school and learning! We at A…

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brisbane tutoring

We’re Celebrating Our Brisbane Tutoring Expansion by Giving Away a $10,000 Scholarship!

It’s a widely accepted past time that with a new year comes new dreams, goals, and possibilities. For us at A Team Tuition, we have acquired a brand new goal,…

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Success Story Spotlight: Skylah Rambold and Libbie Rowley-James

Every year with A Team Tuition, we see the seemingly ‘impossible’ become possible. We see students who defy all odds – their previous grades, people’s opinions, and limits placed on…

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Year 11 Boy Jumps From D’s to A’s In Just 6 Months

Our A Team Tuition tutors often remark that one of the best – if not the best – parts about working with students is seeing the transformation that they go…

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Gold Coast Tutoring

How Our Gold Coast Tutoring Scholarship Winner Achieved The Impossible

A Team Tuition has achieved what our current education system claimed was ‘impossible’ – taking two failing students and turning them into A students! For years, we have held fast…

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Student Spotlight: Waide Carson and Malcolm Schulstad

As our founder and CEO Hayden McEvoy frequently states, studies have shown that the number one factor affecting a student’s education is not their intelligence – it is their resilience.…

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Year 12 Boy Goes From C’s to Straight A’s In Only 6 Months

A Team Tuition’s greatest pride and joy shows when a student finally finds the missing key needed to unlock their success. For our latest superstar, Jordan Abbott, that key was found through his partnership with his tutor Jade Bates – one of our most incredible and longest-standing tutors.

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Signs Your Child Is Struggling At School

Every parent at their core worries about their child’s educational journey. No matter the level of achievement they receive, parents seek to make sure that their student achieves even higher, better, and to the standard that they are capable of.

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Success Spotlight: Rhianna Lovegrove & Mae Le

We are honoured today to shine a spotlight on Mae Le, one of our most diligent, hard-working students to date! Mae is one of our incredible Year 12 students and has seen amazing transformation in less than a year of tutoring! She started this year with her tutor Rhianna Lovegrove. Together they were able to form an amazing partnership, which ultimately resulted in Mae graduating with high distinctions, awards in 4 different subjects, a scholarship to Bond, guaranteed admission into Griffith, and a semester of university under her belt!

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preparing for high school graduation

Preparing For High School Graduation: Beyond Year 12

In less than a month’s time, our Year 12 students will be graduating from high school and ready to embark onto the next phase of their life. As you can…

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