The Essential Skill of Time Management: A Project Limitless Example

Busy schedules began instantly after the 2018 Project Limitless Scholarship winners were announced. Upon reflection of their time with A team Tuition, each student had a common conclusion; they now spend their time far more productively. 

For Esther Abiya, Sarive Zena, Jake Budiasa-Moon and Talia Brown, study instantly became a large part of their already busy weeks.




At A team Tuition we are proud to teach our students time management skills, showing them that there is time for study alongside social and extra-curricular activities. Each of our Project Limitless Scholarship winners are prime examples of this. With the support of their friends, families and Academic Personal Trainers these students have been successful in managing their extra-curricular activities whilst achieving their academic goals. 

Esther runs a tight schedule, juggling track training three times a week, working two jobs, school, A Team Tuition tutoring and helping take care of her fourteen siblings – yes fourteen! Though she wouldn’t change a thing, claiming “Project Limitless made me busier in a good way, I was getting my work done but it was always really fun.” Her eldest sister Sarive had a similar outlook, having successfully managed work, AFL, her family life and A team Tuition Tutoring. The pair’s academic success speaks for itself. Both receiving A grades, these sisters are the perfect example that regardless of how busy you are, there’s always time to work on your studies.



Aspiring to work in physical education or sports science, Jake’s goals reflect his interests. With half of his senior subjects being sport orientated, Jake claims he plays “basketball, tennis and basically any other ball sport there is.” For him managing sport commitments with A Team Tuition tutoring was a pleasure. Now feeling confident in all of his subjects, Jake has embraced his busy schedule, and believes he is better off for doing so. He recognises the importance of planning, saying “The scholarship has opened up where I want to be during the term and not just laid back, I want to have a plan.”

Talia spends her spare time playing trombone in the school band or drawing. She remembers the countless times she’d get in trouble for doodling all over her page instead of doing her work, though now her pages are tidy and she reserves time for drawing outside of class. The future neurosurgeon practices time management with ease and believes the Project limitless scholarship has set her up for senior school and beyond. “I really feel like I’m going to be able to manage everything better now that I’ve had this opportunity” she says.



Managing sport, arts, work, friends and school is challenging for many students. With the help of their Academic Personal Trainers these four students have shown us that it is possible to find time for your studies regardless of a busy schedule. Understanding how to plan for classes is now a common skill these four share.