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ATAR for Nursing

Find Out What ATAR Is Needed For Nursing In Melbourne

What ATAR do you need to be a Nurse in Melbourne? Is your child considering a future in nursing? With a prediction for strong future growth, nursing is a very rewarding career choice…

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Year 12 Student, Harriet, went from 54% to 95% in Maths Methods in One Year!

What a difference a year can make! Just 12 months ago, Year 12 student Harriet was at a crossroads with her schooling. She had just received the results of her…

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For Grace, Straight ‘A’s Were a “Happy Byproduct” of the Holistic Benefits of Tutoring

From youth through to adulthood, life is full of challenges. For young kids, the social and academic pressures associated with high school can unfortunately detract from what could – and…

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VCE Tutor

Does My Child Need a VCE Tutor?

Does My Child Need a VCE Tutor? As Melbourne parents would be well aware, students studying the VCE are ensconced for two years in a rigorous, demanding academic program that will…

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Primary School Tutoring Melbourne

Three Signs Your Melbourne Primary Schooler’s Potential is Wasting Away (and How to Fix That)

Three Signs Your Primary Schooler’s Potential is Wasting Away (and How to Fix That) Some Melbourne parents may have noticed a change in their child’s attitude to primary school this year.  Your primary schooler may have gone…

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Homeschooling tips

Homeschooling Multiple Ages – Tips to Avoid Parent Burnout!

UPDATED 2021 Parents are pulling their hair out over this home-based learning business. It’s adding extra pressure to kids and adults, in already trying times. Unfortunatly you never know when…

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Children and Parents Struggle With Learning At Home

Tackling the New Challenges of Learning At Home in Queensland

Moving Education Online – An Educator’s Perspective UPDATED 2021 As a trained educator, we learn how to teach people things. This can be complex maths problems through to simply teaching…

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covid worry and study stress

COVID-19 Worry and Study Stress for Senior School Students

UPDATED 2021 COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) has been more than just challenging for the current crop of Year 12 students. Not only have they had to undergo a massive change to…

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Queensland Curriculum

Queensland Curriculum is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Queensland curriculum is undergoing a review, which means that changes are in store for staff and students at Queensland schools. As the changes come into play, it’s important to be aware…

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Paige went from D’s to B’s in One Year!

The senior years of high school, Years 11 and 12, can certainly be an overwhelming time for students. Carefree lunchtimes on the handball courts become distant memories as the emphasis…

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Emily Transformed from D’s To A’s in One Year!

“Overwhelm paralysis” – ever heard of it? Maybe, maybe not? You’ve almost certainly experienced it at some point in your life, though. That feeling of having so much to do…

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ATAR Preparation 2021

TICK TOCK: NOW is Your Last Chance to NAIL ATAR this Year!

There is officially less than one month until the ATAR examination period commences, with the first exam commencing on Tuesday the 12th of October 2021. Now, that may seem like a long time for…

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