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Year 11 Student Goes From Failing to an A in Math in Just One Year!

Success is like a sugar rush – sweet, but short-lasting. Once tasted, it must be constantly chased and achieved in order to sustain the feeling of elation. Failure, on the…

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High School Rankings Under ATAR - What will change?

How Will High School Rankings Change Under ATAR?

This year is the first year that Queensland students will go through the ATAR system. The impact on high school rankings, and the desirability of entry into selective high schools…

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Local Tutors

Why Choosing a Local Tutor From a Facebook Group Could Fail!

When your child needs to find a tutor, your gut instinct may be to search ‘tutors near me.’ Hopefully Google or a Facebook group will unearth a gem – but…

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Year 11 Student Goes From C+ To A+ In Just One Term!

A bit of confidence can go a long way. For Year 11 student Shawna, finding some confidence in her ability was the key to unlocking her potential. In less than…

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What ATAR do you need to become a dentist in Queensland?

What is the ATAR for Dentistry in Queensland?

What ATAR do you need to become a dentist? In Queensland, Dental School is by far one of the most challenging and competitive programs to be admitted to directly out…

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ATAR English - Which English Subject Should I choose?

ATAR English – Which Senior English Should I Choose?

During Years 11 and 12, there’s one subject you can’t skip if you want to be eligible for an ATAR. English. However, if your English grade is not one of…

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Boarder Prep Tutors - Making the most of boarder prep time

Boarder Prep Time Tutoring

”Boarder prep is my favourite time of day” – No Student Ever Boarder Prep – it’s those two excruciating hours spent largely in silence, doing whatever you can to keep…

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Australian Boarding Schools Tutoring Service – For Parents

There are two calls every parent of a boarder expect, and dread.  The first is the teary “I miss you” call (usually early in the semester) and the second is…

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time management

Setting Goals and Time Management – Different Strategies for Different Students

As your students are looking to achieve that A grade, it is important to remember that both goal setting and time management are critical skills that create the base for…

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cost of tutoring

What is the Cost of Tutoring?

If you’re considering hiring a tutor for your child, you’ve probably wondered – what is the cost of tutoring, and is it worth it? At A Team Tuition, we pride ourselves…

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ATAR for nursing

What is the ATAR for Nursing?

Across Australia, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is now the standard to measure one student’s academic achievement in relation to that of their peers. As Queensland transitions from the…

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Electrical engineer ATAR

What ATAR do you need to be an Electrical Engineer?

Is your child thinking of becoming an Electrical Engineer? ATAR scores matter! With the new ATAR system coming into Queensland this year, confusion is sure to follow. The old OP…

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