5 Tips for Studying Online: How to Succeed in Virtual Classes

In today’s educational landscape, online learning has surged in popularity due to its flexibility and convenience. We have seen an increase in studying online for students enrolled in distance education, homeschooling, and tertiary classes.

Students are now able to learn from the comfort of their own home, on their own time. Yet, navigating virtual classes comes with its own unique set of challenges. Distractions at home, lack of motivation and unclear goals can hinder your success as a student. However, equipped with the right tips and strategies, you can excel in your online learning. In this article, we’ll dive into 5 of our best tips for online study to help get you back on track to ensure you’re academically thriving again.

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Online Study Tip 1: Create a Dedicated ‘Neurospace’ (Study Space) 

Creating a designated study space is paramount for learning how to study online effectively. We encourage students to establish what we at A Team Tuition call their ‘neurospace’ at home—an oasis designed for optimum focus. It’s more than just a physical corner or desk shoved against a wall; it’s your mental launchpad for concentration and learning. Research shows that a well-organised and cosy study space significantly boosts productivity amongst students. When you step into your dedicated ‘neurospace’, your mind snaps into study mode and is primed for learning and deep focus. Personalise it with comfy furniture, writing utensils you like, and good lighting if it’s at home. Yet, we understand everyone is different—based on their learning style, some learners might thrive and find their ‘neurospace’ in a public library or local coffee shop. The key? Find a space that suits you best, where your mind thrives in the zone for dedicated studying and learning.

Online Study Tip 2: Set Goals and Prioritise Tasks

Establishing clear, achievable goals serves as the cornerstone for success in your online learning journey,  and in academics overall. Goals act as guiding stars, painting a vivid picture of your destination and fuelling your drive to reach it. Without these guideposts, navigating the educational terrain might feel daunting, potentially leading to a sense of aimlessness or a lack of motivation during class or while tackling homework.

So, how does one set these essential goals and effectively prioritise tasks? Use tools like weekly, monthly, and daily planners in your designated ‘neurospace’, or utilise a digital calendar on your phone or computer equipped with timely reminders for upcoming deadlines and pending tasks. Deconstructing your larger goals and dreams into bite-sized, manageable tasks paves a smoother road to triumph. For deeper insights into our recommended goal-setting methods, dive into our guide here. 

Online Study Tip 3: Minimise Distractions

In the digital sphere, distractions lurk at every turn. Upon entering your study space or dedicated ‘neurospace’, it is essential that you take the time to actively eliminate any current and potential distractions. This entails muting or powering off your cell phone, deactivating notifications on your computer, and embracing noise-cancelling headphones paired with study-friendly music or soothing white noise.

In order to foster an environment devoid of distractions, students need to resist the temptation and allure of visiting social media platforms and non-academic websites during their dedicated study time. In this quest for undivided focus, apps like AppBlock, FocusToDo, and Forest are invaluable aids. Plus, they’re free for students! These tools enhance focus by removing distractions, whether by blocking alluring social media platforms or orchestrating study sessions interspersed with timed breaks. Leveraging these apps optimises study time, effectively repelling distractions for a more fruitful and productive learning experience.

Online Study Tip 4: Stay Engaged and Participate

The most important tip in your journey to learn how to study online? Active participation in your online courses is the key. Education thrives on interaction—it’s a mutual journey. Attending online classes and reviewing materials are crucial, but active participation in discussions is equally vital. Don’t shy away from asking questions when needed or seeking assistance with the material if you find it challenging. Actively engage in group discussions, collaborate on projects and keep in touch with your peers. We’d recommend seeking out online office hours and attending virtual study groups with your peers. By engaging with others in your class, you can learn new things by asking questions and sharing thoughts, stay connected and feel a sense of belonging. Remember, your goal is to learn, so if something isn’t clear, it’s totally okay to ask for help or clarification! 

Online Study Tip 5: Recharge with Breaks and Self-Care

Amidst your study sessions, prioritise self-care and mindful breaks. Short intervals not only rejuvenate your mind but also augment focus and retention of study materials. Consider incorporating brief stretches or walks into your study routine. Additionally, integrating moments of mindfulness or short meditative practices before diving into new topics can optimise your learning process. Valuing both your mental well-being and physical health is integral to a holistic academic journey. Investing in moments of self-care enhances your ability to excel academically while nurturing a balanced approach to learning that will keep you from experiencing burn out.

Navigating the realm of online learning demands steadfast focus, strategic goal-setting, active engagement, and a commitment to self-care. While these 5 study tips for online classes serve as pillars for academic success, remember that the journey of learning is unique to each individual. Embrace these strategies and personalise your approach to online study to unlock your fullest academic potential.


As you traverse the path of online learning, staying focused, setting clear goals, and prioritising self-care are paramount. While online study poses challenges, it also offers immense rewards and unparalleled convenience for students like you. Consider signing up for A Team’s online private tutoring services to further enhance your academic experience and reach your full potential. Contact us now to schedule your first online session and start achieving your academic goals!