Online Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring: Which One Is Better for Your Child?

You’ve just returned home from parent-teacher night. The verdict? Low scores in maths and social studies. Tutoring is no longer optional for your child–it’s a must-have.

But with your child’s limited attention span and the family’s busy schedule, it seems impossible to choose between online tutoring and in-person tutoring. Of course, they both have advantages and drawbacks.

Online tutoring can happen anywhere you have a stable internet connection. The student and the tutor don’t need to live near each other either. And it’s typically more affordable than in-person tutoring. 

But what about students with unique learning styles who need one-on-one interaction? Then in-person tutoring might work best, but that’s if your and the tutor’s diary are in sync.

Rather than participate in a tug of war about which tutoring style is better, your decision will boil down to what works best for your child’s learning needs

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of online tutoring versus in-person tutoring so that you can get your child’s learning experience [and grades] back on track.

When Should You Choose In-Person Tutoring?

One advantage of in-person tutoring is that tutors can tailor their lessons to your child’s learning needs. Tutors can also change them if something isn’t working that day. And, if the tutor works with your child in your home–in familiar surroundings–that may improve their learning experience even more.

Individualised Needs-Based Attention

Teachers can’t give every student the individual attention they may need. That’s where in-person tutoring can give your child that one-on-one interaction. Add to that the advantage of a tutor who can adjust their approach based on how your child is feeling.

Let’s say your child is unusually sleepy during their tutoring session. When the tutor sees this, they can pivot accordingly. Maybe your child needs a break. Or the game the tutor scheduled to play at the end of the lesson can happen sooner. An in-person tutor can sense those changes, read your child’s body language, and make any necessary adjustments.

Home-Court Learning Advantage

If an in-person tutor comes to your home, that can give your child a home-court learning advantage. Think about it this way. The other 22 kids your child learns with at school won’t be around. Home is quieter, too. And it’s familiar to them.

While there are several benefits of tutoring at home, one stands out above the rest—home is a safe space. When a child learns in a safe space, they’re more likely to relax and focus on the lesson.

Possible Downsides of Tutoring In Person

In-person tutoring might check many boxes for your child’s needs. But it may come with a few downsides—scheduling difficulties and a higher price tag.

Rigid Schedule

Tutors often juggle several clients every week. So, they have their own fixed schedules. And, on your end, your child’s schedule may be full of after-school activities. As a result, you may feel your window to book with your ideal tutor is limited. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

For instance, at A Team Tuition, our in-person tutors will commute to you on the date and time that works best for your child’s schedule. 


You may discover that in-person tutors charge more than online tutors. When we look at the big picture, that makes sense. 

First, in-person tutors will have overhead costs that virtual tutors won’t. For example, if the tutor needs to commute 20 minutes to your home, they’ll need to cover the cost of their petrol and commute time. Or, if you take your child to a tutoring centre, the tutor’s fees will likely cover some of the company’s overhead costs–such as utilities and more. 

Online TutoringWhen Should You Choose Online Tutoring?

If your child’s schedule is full, and your family needs to keep an eye on the budget, then online tutoring may be the better option. You’ll want to consider several factors when finding a tutor online. So let’s cover two of the top ones—convenience and affordability!

Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling an online tutoring session is far more convenient than an in-person tutoring session. Most online tutors have very flexible schedules for their classes. That’s because many tutors are location-independent, so they can log in from anywhere, anytime they want–no commute necessary.

As a result, you may have more tutoring time slots available. If anyone needs to cancel or reschedule at the last minute, that would be easier, too. And a bonus? Neither you nor the tutor wasted a commute.

More Affordable

You’ll discover that online tutoring is less costly than in-person tutoring. That’s because online tutors don’t carry the same overhead costs as their in-person counterparts. Naturally, online tutors are more cost-efficient. They can log in to a tutoring session from anywhere. And so can your child. There’s no need for you or them to commute, either. 

Possible Downsides to Online Tutoring

While online tutoring is convenient and budget-friendly, it has a few downsides. If there are technical issues on either end, this can interrupt or even end the session. Also, depending on the type of online tutoring you choose, you may find the sessions need a more personal approach. Let’s take a closer look at these downsides.

Susceptible to Technical Issues

Online tutoring requires a stable and reliable internet connection for both the tutor and the student. That’s the bare minimum, though. When it comes to technology, issues are always lurking, and they may be out of your control. We all know technical glitches can arise–from audio interference to no battery charge, a cup of juice spilled onto the keyboard, and more.

Lack of Personal Approach

Some online tutoring sessions lack a personal approach. For example, some tutoring centres may group several students into one tutor’s session. This would divide the tutor’s time and attention among the class–leaving your child without the individualised attention they need.

Or, if the tutoring centre offers pre-recorded sessions, they won’t consider [much less address] your child’s individual learning needs.

On the other hand, many tutors and tutoring centres offer one-on-one lessons where the tutor and your child communicate in real-time. The tutor will be able to tailor the lesson as necessary to maximise your child’s learning experience.

Online or In-Person Tutoring is Not a One-Size-Fits-All

Despite the pros and cons of online and in-person tutoring, you’ll want to choose the type of tutoring that best fits your child’s learning needs. 

And if you can’t decide between the two? 

You can always experiment with both. Observe how your child responds in each session. You can take notes and then discuss them with your child and the tutor to determine the best tutoring option moving forward. 

Are you ready to get your child’s grades back on track? Our online and in-person tutors at A Team Tuition can meet your child’s individual learning needs with our proven tutoring methods. Our tutors will boost their confidence and help them improve their grades. Let us help you find your child’s in-person or online tutor today!