Does Private Tutoring Get Better Results?

Private Tutoring

Does Private Tutoring Get Better Results?

Hiring a tutor is a great way to help your child achieve their full academic potential. With private tutoring, your child can develop important study skills and improve their understanding of learning concepts.  

But when it comes to choosing the right tutoring model, options can seem overwhelming. Should you enrol your child in a group tutoring program or find a private tutor instead?  

At A Team Tuition, we believe in the value of private tutoring to help your child succeed. So, does private tutoring really get better results?  

On average, A Team Tuition students have increase their grades by 24% since starting with us. So if they were on 50% for maths they have gone to a 74%!

Offering individually tailored support

All students are unique, with their own individual interests, skills, and learning styles.  

In a group tutoring setting, like in a school environment, your child is unlikely to receive individualised attention, and this could be detrimental to their learning.  

Private tutoring allows for tailored teaching approaches. Working one-on-one, a private tutor can respond to your child’s learning style and achievement level and is more likely to be able to implement results-driven programs.  

Many students benefit from the ability to ask questions, learn at their own pace, and consider personalised academic goals. All of these things are possible in a one-on-one tutoring setting!  

Private Tutoring

Focusing on specific skills

Students have academic strengths and weaknesses. To get the most out of a tutoring program, it’s important to focus attention where it is needed.  

Group tutoring necessarily focuses on broad skillsets, meaning that your child may spend a significant amount of time focusing on concepts that they are already confident with.  

On the other hand, private tutoring allows students to focus on specific skills that they may find challenging or may need to improve in order to qualify for further study opportunities, like an ATAR subject or university course.  

Focusing on specific skills can help your child to set clearer learning goals and to stay motivated throughout their tutoring programs.  

Limiting distractions

When working in a group, study is social, and this can be distracting for some learners. Many students find it easier to focus in a private tutoring environment.  

Students who study alongside their peers can sometimes find it challenging to stay on task. In a group setting, your child might not be able to make the most of tutoring time or support.  

Working one-on-one with a private tutor cuts out distractions that could limit your child’s ability to achieve their potential. Your child is more likely to engage with teaching concepts and may move on to new skills more quickly.  

A private tutor can provide targeted programs designed to help your child develop the skills they need to succeed without losing focus. Private tutoring offers great opportunities to help students achieve better academic results.  

Could your child benefit from private tutoring? Learn more about A Team Tuition’s dedicated tutors!