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We Believe That Any Student, Anywhere Can Achieve “A” Grades With The Right Support, Strategies and Mindset

A Team Tuition has a solid focus on working with students, parents and schools as a cohesive educational support team to deliver improved student academic and social outcomes. As partners of the Australian Boarding Schools Association, A Team Tuition are experienced in working closely with school principals and staff to achieve growth and success for students through academic guidance and life mentoring.

Significant research has been undertaken to assist in developing the holistic approach to student success that is The A Team Tuition difference. We work with schools to evaluate student campus behaviour, diligence and grades as well as their social network and interactions to maximise productivity and engagement. Matching tutors with a student’s personality, goals and learning style and the creation of individualised plans is just one of the keys to our success. Identifying the hurdles limiting student success and providing an element of mentorship with a relatable tutor sets up the pillars of support, enabling the full realisation of student potential.

How can we help you deliver on the educational compact between schools and students? A Team Tuition are proud to share our insights to the keys to student success, how we partner with schools to nurture student academic and personal achievement, the A Team Tuition Boarding School Program and more.

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High School Rankings Under ATAR - What will change?

How Will High School Rankings Change Under ATAR?

This year is the first year that Queensland students will go through the ATAR system. The impact on high school rankings, and the desirability of entry into selective high schools…

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Boarder Prep Tutors - Making the most of boarder prep time

Boarder Prep Time Tutoring

”Boarder prep is my favourite time of day” – No Student Ever Boarder Prep – it’s those two excruciating hours spent largely in silence, doing whatever you can to keep…

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Australian Boarding Schools Tutoring Service – For Parents

There are two calls every parent of a boarder expect, and dread.  The first is the teary “I miss you” call (usually early in the semester) and the second is…

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time management

Setting Goals and Time Management – Different Strategies for Different Students

As your students are looking to achieve that A grade, it is important to remember that both goal setting and time management are critical skills that create the base for…

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Top Scoring ATAR students

After 14000+ tutoring hours, we found the ONE thing all underperforming students have in common.

Every single child we’ve worked with who is underperforming at school is underperforming for a reason. That reason surprised us. It’s not a lack of smarts. Let’s be clear. We…

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covid worry and study stress

COVID-19 Worry and Study Stress

COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) has been more than just challenging for the current crop of Year 12 students. Not only have they had to undergo a massive change to their schooling…

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ATAR for University entrance

How to Prepare For Life After Graduation

The build-up to high school graduation should be a time of great excitement. You’ve made it to the end of a major chapter, and you deserve to celebrate, but at…

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Theory behind ATAR

The Theory Behind ATAR

With recent changes, ATAR and effectively the entire school system for years 10 to 12, is grounded in the theory of ‘the new taxonomy of education model’ by Robert Marzano.…

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ATAR Secrets

5 Positives about ATAR the Government Hasn’t Told You!

It has happened… A new era has begun! Queensland has finally decided to ditch the controversial Overall Position (OP) system and follow the lead of the rest of Australia. At…

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Five Fatal Study Traits – How to Help Struggling Students

Is your child struggling at school? If the answer is yes, then you have found the right article!  If the answer is no… keep reading as you never know when this issue may raise its ugly head. It is normal…

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Anxiety Strategies for High School Students

Anxiety is a term that unfortunately is widely thrown around to describe how people feel in a bunch of different situations; exams, before an important meeting or interview or even…

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Boarding School Partnership

A Team Tuition Signs Partnership With The Australian Boarding Schools Association

At A Team Tuition, we envision a holistic method when it comes to student transformations. For boarding school students, this holistic approach is pertinent in order to provide tailored support to suit the needs of newly independent students. When we were approached by The Southport School (TSS) in 2017 about ways in which we can adopt our personalised service to assist a group of boys in boarding, we came to the realisation that there is an evident gap between boarding youth and the traditional structure of boarding learning.

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