How a High School English Tutor Can Lift Grades Across Multiple Subjects

A high school english tutor can lift grades across multiple subjections

Lift Grades Across Multiple Subjects with a High School English Tutor

English is, arguably, the most important subject for students within formal and informal learning environments. Structure, grammar, sentence control, expression – all of these inform the way that we communicate and therefore articulate our own learning and understanding. Students who succeed in the English classroom often see that success trickle through to other areas of study – History and Humanities essays, Science practicum reports, Mathematical formulae, Business and Legal Studies reflections and write ups to name but a few. 

The Importance of English

Upon completion of year 12, all students must pass English in order to gain competency for their ATAR requirements for basically every single subject. Never has a class been more important. Communication, articulation, the building of arguments, the development of writing skills; all of these elements are required across the curriculum. A good English teacher will arm your child with the skills they need to succeed in a range of areas. A not-so-good English teacher? Now we’re in trouble. 

Working on English outside an English classroom

A high school English tutor will allow your child the space and support they need to develop key skills that they may be lacking in. These skills are transferable to almost every subject a student will study and are vital for overall success.  

Working with a high school English tutor means that the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the subject (the grammar, the punctuation, the sentence structure, the phrasing) will be addressed, as too will the ability to put forward and support a hypothesis or thesis. Arguments will be built. Texts will be analysed to find meaning and allow for critical analysis.  

An experienced high school English tutor knows all of this because they have been there. They have seen what works and what doesn’t work within the context of a classroom setting. They are armed with the skills required to allow your child to find success and to work on the areas that are troubling them. If your child is not confident with English, then chances are they are also lacking in confidence in the other areas that require similar skills. A high school English tutor offers them the opportunity to build on their confidence and find the success that they have been chasing.  

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