Tutoring Students Who Have Dysgraphia – The A Team Tuition Approach

Dysgraphia Tutoring

Tutoring Students Who Have Dysgraphia – The A Team Tuition Approach

A student with dysgraphia typically experiences challenges with writing. It can impact the skill of handwriting as well as typing and spelling, too. Subjects of particular difficulty are any of the language arts subjects (like English and Humanities), but this can extend to the inability to express themselves coherently in other subjects that have report-based learning and key written components (like Science and Maths).  

A deep, nuanced understanding of the learning requirements of a student with dysgraphia inform the teaching and learning practice at A Team Tuition. Our tutors participate in extensive training and professional development as they work to form professional working teams with families and schools in order to ensure progress and the capacity of each student to find success and enjoyment in their learning.  

Dysgraphia tutoring near me

Every child has the ability to reach their learning potential. The founder of A Team Tuition was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was in his schooling years and it was this very diagnosis, and the strategies he learned along the way, that spurred him on to create a dynamic and flexible pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.  

You can find tutors near you for students with dysgraphia and employ our services either in the comfort and safety of your own home or via an online learning platform.  

How to tutor a child with dysgraphia

A Team Tuition tutors provide thoughtfully tailored and relevant lessons that are backed by research and designed to allow all students to find success and develop their cognitive skills.  

Specific techniques and strategies, including accommodations, employed by A Team Tuition for dysgraphia tutoring include: 

  • The utilisation of larger pencils with grips 
  • Using paper with raised lines 
  • Giving extra time on writing tasks and assignments (developed in conjunction with school-based differentiation) 
  • Finding alternative methods to produce learning and work (particularly oral or recorded responses) 
  • The use of assistive technologies 
  • Access to materials given in the classroom to be extended upon during tuition sessions 
  • Typing notes during sessions  

Other common learning difficulties

Kids have unique challenges to learning that they must overcome, whether they are learning barriers or learning difficulties.  Often it is not as simple as overcoming an “I can’t do it” attitude and there are specific methods that will need to be adopted to overcome learning difficulties.   A Team tutors have training in tutoring kids with many common learning challenges including:

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Autism Spectrum Disorder tutoring

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tutoring

Dyslexia tutoring

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Exam Anxiety tutoring


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